The Tonight Show: Ask Jay Anything & Days Of Our Lives


Tonight Show: Ask Jay Anything

On the popular social network Reddit, celebrities often participate in no holds barred discussions called Ask Me Anything. Jay Leno took questions of his own from the studio audience in his Ask Jay Anything segment.

The Tonight Show: Los Angeles Vacation

The Tonight Show: Ask Jay Anything & Days Of Our Lives

During Ask Jay Anything, Jay Leno raced to the set of Days Of Our Lives to profess his love for one of the characters, which led to a dramatic twist.


Adam The Page was in the audience to take the first question from Terry, who wanted advice on touring Los Angeles with his family during their vacation.

Jay shared a video of the traffic congestion on the highways and freeways around LA. That is not high on my priority list during a vacation. Don’t you take trips to get away from stress like traffic?

Ask Jay Anything: Tweet Before The Tweet

Nicole from Canada asked Jay to explain confusing celebrity tweets posted on twitter. Redfoo from LMFAO helped Jay answer this question, wearing a loud zebra print suit.


Redfoo explained the “Twitter ‘hood” to Jay and helped Nicole make sense of Amanda Bynes’ recent message regarding her interest in rapper Drake. Redfoo suggested that she was just telling her mother what she would like for her birthday.

Tonight Show: Days Of Our Lives

Kim from Iowa had a question of her own for Jay Leno. Would he ever appear on a soap opera like Days Of Our Lives? She suggested that he run over to the set and tell the character Samantha that he is in love with her.

That is exactly what he did, dashing over to another soundstage where Samantha was conveniently waiting. He professed his love and she reciprocated his interest. Maybe after the Tonight Show, Jay can join a daytime soap, if there are any left. Samantha’s fiance didn’t appreciate Jay’s interest in her, so he will have to find a new love if he plans on relocating to Salem.

Ask Jay Anything: Kim Jong-Un

Last up for Ask Jay Anything was Mark from California. He wanted to know whether America needs to worry about an actual threat from North Korea.

But Kim Jong-Un from North Korea was in the audience to answer the question for Jay and the audience. He said he was in the audience as a fan of Blake Shelton.

Kim explained that he thought Shaq visited him, not Dennis Rodman. He also said he loved the movie Life Of Pi. This is the kind of thing I am afraid would happen if I somehow ended up in Jay Leno’s audience.


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