Stuff We Found On Ebay: Jay Leno Pez Dispenser & Ghost Caught In A Jar


Tonight Show: Karolina Kurkova

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova was one of Jay Leno’s guests. But first, it was time to investigate some of the Stuff We Found On Ebay.

Stuff We Found On Ebay: Ghost Caught In A Jar


Stuff We Found On Ebay: Jay Leno Pez Dispenser & Ghost Caught In A Jar

Jay Leno showcased an installment of Stuff We Found On Ebay, including products such as a ghost caught in a jar, Jay Leno Pez dispenser, and a rare X-ray.

Ghost Caught In A Jar was the first item the team found. It looked like a jar of mayonnaise without a label. But did it sell? The audience was divided, but the product sold for $2.87. I can’t decide if it is worse to sell or buy that.

The Tonight Show: James Woods Dental Impression

Impressions of the teeth of actor James Woods were recovered from a dentist’s estate, and the starting bid was $1. Did these Academy Award-nominated teeth sell on Ebay? They went for $60.


Tonight Show: Grey Poupon Mustard X-Ray

The next item was an X-ray of a Grey Poupon mustard jar stuck inside someone’s body. Jay was full of bad puns. “That looks like the worst picnic ever,” he said.

The starting bid was $500, but did someone want to buy it? This time, the product did not sell.

Stuff We Found On Ebay: Jay Leno Pez Dispenser

A 1970s-era clown Pez dispenser with a large chin was marketed because it looked like Jay Leno. He said it looked more like if he had a baby with carrot top. The starting bid was 99 cents, and it ended up selling for $63.

The Tonight Show: Arsenio Hall Chunky A Single

A cassette of a “rare” Arsenio Hall “Chunky A” rap single was for sale on Ebay. It had a starting bid of $2.95. When is the last time you saw a cassette tape?

The tape did sell, at its minimum bid of $2.95. Jay had it in hand, actually, because he bought it himself and even brought out a boom box to play the tape in.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever bought or sold on Ebay?


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