Jaywalking: What Is The Largest US State? What Galaxy Is Earth In?


The Tonight Show: Earth Week Jaywalking

To observe Earth Week, Jay Leno headed to CityWalk in Los Angeles and quizzed people on their knowledge about science and the planet. He explained that people used to know the answers to these science questions, and he did not set out to make anyone look bad. The questions seemed simple enough. For example, do you know the largest US state?

Tonight Show: What Is The Largest US State?


Jaywalking: What Is The Largest US State? What Galaxy Is Earth In?

What is the largest US state? What galaxy is Earth located in? For Earth Week, these are some of the questions Jay Leno asked in his Jaywalking segment.

Melissa, a property manager from California, had never heard of Earth Week. She was not sure whether to believe in global warming, but suspected that hairspray and styrofoam were to blame.

Kelsey, an entertainer, guessed that Texas was the largest US state (Jay didn’t specify whether he meant by size or population). California was her second choice; the correct answer was Alaska. She also thought there were 52 states.


A man named Fresh from California said that he believes in global warming, which he attributed to the earth’s rotation. “I’m not really sure, but it is getting hotter,” he said.

Jay Leno: What Galaxy Is Earth In?

Niagara Falls is not in California, nor does it border Mexico. Pluto is not the third planet from the sun, and we are not in the Twix galaxy, to give you a breakdown of the rest of Fresh’s answers.

No one seemed to be able to place Niagara Falls between the US and Canada, at least on the first guess.

Alexis, a nonprofit business student, could not name the galaxy the earth was in either. In case you are studying for a test, the answer is Milky Way.

Tonight Show: Smallest US State

Hattie from Arkansas also came up short on the largest state; she got it after several guesses. She also could not come up with the name of the smallest state (Rhode Island), despite Jay’s clues.

It’s easy to laugh, but how much do you really know about geography and science these days? If you are already out of high school, you may have forgotten a lot of the details.


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