Jay Leno: What’s Trending Tomorrow? Justin Bieber Mustache & Aliens


The Tonight Show: What’s Trending Tomorrow?

Internet websites help people monitor the topics that are popular online at any given moment. But Jay Leno and the Tonight Show team have put together some predictions of What’s Trending Tomorrow, starting with the new Justin Bieber Mustache.

Jay Leno: Justin Bieber Mustache


Jay Leno: What's Trending Tomorrow? Justin Bieber Mustache & Aliens

For What’s Trending Tomorrow?, Jay Leno made predictions about the future Justin Bieber mustache and celebrity reality competition TV shows.

Justin Bieber recently tweeted that he plans to grow a mustache. Leno showed a picture from the future of Bieber’s fully grown mustache, which looked the same.

Over 12,000 dead pigs were found floating in China’s Shanghai River. Jay predicted that the Shanghai Surprise could soon be the soup of the day at Panda Express. I’m sorry, Jay, but Panda Express will probably not ever be trending.


Tonight Show: Jay Leno Vs Jimmy Fallon

You may have heard the headlines lately that Jimmy Fallon is being groomed to replace Jay Leno as The Tonight Show host. To that, Leno predicted that he would succeed David Letterman over at CBS. Keep dreaming, Jay.

Lindsay Lohan’s seventh mugshot was recently released and featured in the media. Two years from now, The Tonight Show predicted that Lohan would celebrate a 500th mugshot, in which she might look like a haggard old woman.

The Tonight Show: Russian Meteor & Aliens

In 2013, a meteor hit Russia. More recently, the country’s prime minister claimed that aliens are living on Earth. To that, Jay Leno predicted we would soon see proof of aliens living on Earth, in the form of Gary Busey’s laugh.

Plastic surgeons say that butt implants are currently the most popular procedure. The Tonight Show prediction was that this would lead to new, racier dancing, a video of which seemed to mesmerize the show’s host.

Jay Leno: Celebrity Wedgies

In a viral video, a young man hurt himself while attempting to open a cookie. In response, Jay Leno predicted we would soon see personal injury attorneys advertising that they are taking cases related to cookie injuries.

Singing, dancing and diving are all things we will watch celebrities do on television, it seems. What’s next? The Tonight Show suggested that Celebrity Wedgies could not be far behind. Here’s hoping that one never becomes a reality.


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