Jay Leno Tonight Show: Meal Or No Meal, Human Siren & Meat Hook


Jay Leno: Meal Or No Meal

Kristen Bell was on the Tonight Show. But first, Jay Leno ventured into the audience to talk about how to remedy America’s economic uncertainty. To ease the burden, he gave real people the chance to earn prizes in Meal Or No Meal.

Tonight Show: Human Siren

What special talent do you have that could earn you a free dinner? The audience members were judged by Today Show anchors Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Savannah Guthrie.


The first contestant, Joe Phillip from New Jersey, said that he is a Yankees fan and friend of the local police force. He explained that his talent is he is a human siren, which he claimed is “better than a siren.”

Jay Leno Tonight Show: Meal Or No Meal, Human Siren & Meat Hook

The Tonight Show’s Meal Or No Meal competition, guest judged by anchors of the Today Show, featured tricks such as the human siren and a nasal meat hook.

His high-pitched squeal was similar to a police siren, but it did not appear that he had enough teeth to enjoy a free meal, if he were to win one. The three Today Show anchors on the panel voted for Joe to win.


Today Show news anchor Natalie Morales gave Joe a gift certificate to Klein’s, a New Jersey restaurant.

The Tonight Show: College Student Hairline Trick

The next meal contender was Frank, a computer science student. He is in a fraternity, and his weird talent was “something unusual with my hair.”

He could use his eyebrows to move his hairline back and forth, as well as side to side, as if he were pulling on it, akin to Conan O’Brien’s string dance. Al Roker said that is how he lost his hair.

Savannah Guthrie made a joke about Matt Lauer’s back hair, which will probably only fuel speculation that the co-anchors have had an affair.

Frank’s prize was a gift certificate for dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse in St. Louis.

Jay Leno Meal Or No Meal: Meat Hook Trick

Last up was Ryan, a contestant from Canada, complete with the light Canadian accent. He owns “an artist development space.” His trick involved a meat hook and a 15 lb ham, as supplied by Natalie Morales.

The man jammed the meat hook through his nasal cavity and out his mouth, suspending the ham from it and sending Matt Lauer fleeing in horror. Even Jay Leno turned his back. Do not try this at home.

Al wondered how Ryan developed that talent, which is a perfectly legitimate question. Matt called it “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.”

For his trouble, Ryan was rewarded with dinner from The Melting Pot. Do you have a stupid trick that you would perform on TV for a free dinner?


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