Jay Leno: Tonight Show Headlines & Post Office Saturday Delivery


Jay Leno: Headlines

Each week, viewers scour local newspapers to find the funny and outrageous headlines or mistakes that it seems no one else spotted. Here are this week’s Tonight Show Headlines. Plus, the show included an interview with Colin Farrell.


The Tonight Show: Arsonist Fire Chief

Jay Leno: Tonight Show Headlines & Post Office Saturday Delivery

The Tonight Show headlines from Jay Leno this week included a question about Saturday delivery, poor word choice, and even an arsonist fire chief.

What were some of the mistakes and mishaps that caught Jay’s attention this week?

  • “Stay where the presidents play” ad with Benjamin Franklin
  • Convicted arsonist nominated for fire chief
  • A woman in a Rampage ad had three arms
  • “Supersonic skydiver reached Mach 1.25 in his record jump” with a photo of King Richard’s skeleton
  • We are looking for an expert to trim back yard trees and do it for free
  • F.U. Oil reports another good year
  • “Superindent Update”
  • “Best plate of crap this side of San Francisco”
  • Storyteller-musician shows a photo of his grandmother as he performs at Lighthouse for the Blind.

Tonight Show Headlines: Post Office Saturday Delivery


There were even more where those came from. One reader was confused about the end of Saturday delivery in August 2013 by the post office. The person wanted to know whether there would be any mail pickup on those days?

Jay Leno: Home Sale Headlines

  • A home sale ad that read “needs work” was accompanied by a photo of a submerged wood structure.
  • Another home looked great from the front, but there was dark black smoke billowing behind it.
  • Gelatin desserts are not hemorrhoid ointments
  • Jackson County has its first-ever code of ethics; does not apply to elected officials
  • Personals: “I’m Brian. I put a crab in your purse at the St. John’s crab feed.”
  • Highway 4 bypass overpass bypassed

Tonight Show: Headlines Mailing Address

If you want to send in your own headlines, mail them to:

3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

Just don’t try to mail them on Saturday. You can also submit them on The Tonight Show website or Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Facebook page. Please send in some good ones, because it seemed to me like a slow week for Headlines.


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