Jay Leno: Reese Witherspoon DUI, Kool-Aid Mascot & Diaper-Free Babies


Tonight Show: Reese Witherspoon & John McCain

Jay Leno’s monologue mentioned the recent Reese Witherspoon DUI, John McCain’s comments about Kim Jong-Un, and the disturbing trend of diaper-free babies.

Jay Leno: Reese Witherspoon DUI


Reese Witherspoon was arrested recently for disorderly conduct, when she attempted to interfere with her husband’s DUI arrest. What do you think of this story?

Jay Leno: Reese Witherspoon DUI, Kool-Aid Mascot & Diaper-Free Babies

Jay Leno mentioned recent stories in the news, including the Reese Witherspoon DUI, proposed changes to the Kool-Aid Mascot, and diaper-free babies. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

NBC sportscaster Al Michaels was also arrested for DUI, blowing a 0.8, which Leno joked were “the highest numbers anybody on this network has seen in years,” referring to the network’s abysmal ratings.


The Tonight Show: John McCain On Kim Jong-Un

Senator John McCain referred to Kim Jong-Un as a clown and a fool, but Jay said by those standards, McCain could choose him as a vice presidential running mate.

A psychological profile of Jong-Un found that he was a narcissist who was obsessed with plastic surgery and the NBA, just like the Kardashians.

Tonight Show: Air Traffic Controller Furloughs

Furloughs for air traffic controllers mean you could experience some delayed flights or bumpy travel. Jay said the silver lining is that pilots have a chance to sober up before taking off. Have you experienced any travel problems due to sequester furloughs?

Science Magazine reported the discovery of two planets that could support life, which means we could borrow money from places other than China.

A Chinese woman has been accused of squeezing a man’s scrotum until he died. That sounds like a story made just for The Doctors.

Jay Leno: Kool-Aid Mascot

Kool-Aid has plans to update its Kool-Aid Man mascot. Now, the more talkative mascot has flavored pants representing the 22 flavors of the powder-based drink mix. Jay said that might be the wrong marketing approach for a children’s drink.

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner has announced a plan to run for mayor in New York City. Do you think he will have a shot at the office, considering his past history on Twitter?

The Tonight Show: Earth Week Fail

In honor of Earth Week, NBC is going green all week to help save the planet. Jay suggested they should focus on fixing the network first.

However, he got on board with the message and demonstrated the Earth Week Fail of the Day, a viral video in which a man tried to remove a tree stump using his car, only to shatter his back windshield.

Tonight Show: Diaper-Free Babies

A recent New York Times trend story reported on hip parents who raise their babies diaper-free. That sounds like it would create more problems than it could ever solve.

One company is selling a $15 million diamond-encrusted iPhone. First of all, Liberace is dead, and secondly, would diamonds interfere with the reception or not?

The Tanning Mom made headlines recently for doing a topless shoot for photographers. “The shoot was protested by PETA, ‘cause they thought she was wearing leather,” Leno said.


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