Jay Leno Midseason Replacements: Emotional Wipeout & Homeland Review


Tonight Show: Midseason Replacements

Midseason replacements are TV shows that come on in the winter to take the place of other shows. Jay Leno took a look at some hypothetical shows that could be popping up on TV soon as midseason replacements.

As Jay himself would be quick to tell you, NBC needs all the help it can get to turn the ratings around.


Jay Leno: Emotional Wipeout Review

Jay Leno Midseason Replacements: Emotional Wipeout & Homeland Review

On The Tonight Show, Jay Leno previewed some suggested midseason replacements, such as the drama Mourning Wood and the game show Emotional Wipeout.

Contestants on Wipeout are always getting abused and pummeled. Jay Leno shared an idea for an extreme spinoff of the series, incorporating real life challenges such as devastating medical results on the course, in Emotional Wipeout.


The Tonight Show: Mourning Wood Review

Sometimes shows take their names from phrases having to do with the characters, such as Grey’s Anatomy. In that vein, Jay showed a trailer for a new series about a man searching for his wife’s killer, called Mourning Wood.

Tonight Show: Homeland Review

The hit suspense drama Homeland on Showtime follows the complex relationship between a CIA agent and a former prisoner of war. But The Tonight Show joked that TV Land is repackaging the series as a romantic comedy, complete with a catchy jingle.

Jay Leno: How I Hillbilly Handfished Your Mother

The Animal Planet series Hillbilly Handfishin’ involves learning to fish using one’s bare hands. But the popularity could spur a sitcom spinoff, and of course there was a clip. The resulting show was called How I Hillbilly Handfished Your Mother.

The Tonight Show: Un.0 Review

What’s sad about these ideas is that some of them are so believable. TV tends to copy successful shows, and that has led to the Tosh.0 ripoff Un.0, this time hosted by Kim Jong-Un, who is all too eager to make fun of Americans and their follies.


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