Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Duet – Who Is Future Host Of The Tonight Show?


Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Duet

In a crossover stunt, Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon worked together to address rumors of a Tonight Show succession plan set for 2014. Was this an April Fools prank, or did it give voice to how the two hosts really feel about finding themselves in the midst of a bad situation?

The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Forced Out?


After walking offstage at the end of the Tonight Show, Jay passed crew members and staffers who were all reading news stories about the rumored end of his show. Then he was hounded by reporters as he made his way to his dressing room.

Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Duet - Who Is Future Host Of The Tonight Show?

Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon teamed up for a duet addressing all the rumors about the future of “The Tonight Show.” (Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

Across the country in New York City, Jimmy Fallon looked out a window while surrounded by similar news stories about him taking over for Leno in the year to come.


Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Rumors

Jay phoned Jimmy to talk about all the gossip and rumors. But the men reassured each other that they were still friends with one another, in spite of it all.

Jimmy burst into song, with lyrics about the situation. Jay Leno’s voice was more operatic, and the duet explored the endless news stories about the changing of the guard.

Jimmy Fallon: Tonight Duet With Jay Leno

Together, the men sang a parody of “Tonight” about who would end up hosting the show in the end of this latest late night war.

Also, will the show be filmed in LA, or will it move to New York to accommodate Fallon and his team? Leno recalled that he has been the ratings leader for 20 years, and the men harmonized.

“Who cares who hosts Tonight? People just watch online the next day,” they sang.

What did you think about the direct but vague approach to addressing all the rumors and speculation?


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