Jay Leno: Jesse Heiman Kiss Count At Vanity Fair Oscar Party


Jay Leno: Jesse Heiman

Eli Roth was a guest on The Tonight Show. But first, it was time to hit up the Vanity Fair Oscar party with a familiar face. You might remember Jesse Heiman as the goofy guy from the Super Bowl commercial with Bar Refaeli. I guess he hit it off with the Tonight Show crowd, because he was sent to cover the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Hollywood.

The Tonight Show: Jesse Heiman Kiss Challenge


Jay Leno: Jesse Heiman Kiss Count At Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Jay Leno challenged Jesse Heiman to see if he could rack up 20 kisses from stars and celebrities at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Did he succeed?

Before the big night, Jay Leno challenged Jesse to get 20 kisses from Hollywood’s biggest stars. How did things turn out? Let’s go to the videotape.

Martin Short was his first subject, and he struck out with him as well as Salma Hayek. Sarah Silverman was a good sport and gave him his first kiss. “You taste like milk,” she said.


Tonight Show: Vanity Fair Gerard Butler

Hugh Jackman offered up his wife in his place, and then said that Jesse already proved himself in his hit commercial. Gerard Butler kissed Jesse on the cheek, and Andy Samberg went for a kiss on the lips as well.

Judd Apatow said that Jesse looked good for 34, and then the conversation got confusing. But Apatow went in for a cheek kiss. Next were Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who agreed to a kiss on the hand.

Jay Leno: Dave Grohl Kiss

From Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl puckered up like a good sport, but Jennifer Lawrence was a no go. Sandra Bullock, Tommy Lee Jones, and Halle Berry all avoided Jesse.

Heiman’s favorite Berry role was Swordfish. He also racked up kisses from Rashida Jones, David Spade, and even Bo Derek. The more interesting part was why some of these people were at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Heiman also got the chance to kiss an Oscar.

The Tonight Show: Jesse Heiman Kiss Count

John Travolta did not take the bait, kissing the camera lens instead. Kelly Preston gave Heiman a kiss, and the unpredictable Russell Brand put him over the mark with kiss #21. Would you give Heiman a kiss? I suppose anything goes once you are at an Oscars after party.


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