Jay Leno Headlines: Blind Ear Vs Deaf Eye & Bullwinkle’s Restaurant


Tonight Show: Headlines

With the expense of printing rising and journalism layoffs continuing as the industry evolves, you never know what you are going to see anymore in a newspaper. Here are some of the Tonight Show headlines from this Monday’s show. Do you know the difference between a blind ear and a deaf eye? Neither did Jay Leno.


Jay Leno: Ikea & President Obama Headlines

Jay Leno Headlines: Blind Ear Vs Deaf Eye & Bullwinkle's Restaurant

Jay Leno’s Headlines roundup included the confused metaphor of the blind ear vs deaf eye and a fateful moose accident at Bullwinkle’s Restaurant.

Here are some of the outlandish stories and terrible typos that passed across the Tonight Show desk.

  • Meatball supplier’s wieners pulled by Ikea
  • No bones about it: Obama loves the tender butts and sweet racks
  • Live deer, youth archery part of outdoors show
  • Moving on after a dump: There’s an app for that
  • Lazy Jack’s: 1.5 lbs of wings & a picture of beer

Family Farm Quilts offered a gift shop coupon for 20% off, but it did not cover their quilts. Then there was the granola cereal that advertised: “give them a try once–you will never come back!”


The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Headlines & Advertisements

  • A 2000 Buick Century ad featured a photo of a lawnmower
  • Belz Factory Outlet Mall: Redeem this coupon for a coupon
  • Do you have listings that need a bit of upgrading or need to add some pizzas?
  • Seeing worm after bowel movement bad way to start day
  • Seven Students Face Expulsion (with an unrelated picture of young ballerinas)

Tonight Show: Bullwinkle’s Restaurant & Blind Ear Vs Deaf Eye

Looking for a job? There are some out there, but they are not always the ones you might be seeking.

  • Medical Assistant: Part time for busty doctor’s office
  • “A Camden man hit a moose just up the road from Bullwinkle’s Restaurant.”
  • Berkley turns blind ear to finance committee
  • Healthy 1 lb. turtle needs ride to Cincinnati
  • Storm power outage kills local trees, ice cream, fish
  • Help Wanted: Dental Hygienist. Part time; will marry if necessary.
  • Bible, original signed copy, poor shape, very holy.


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