Jay Leno: Drinking Mirror App Review & Coffee Anderson Baby Dance


Tonight Show: Coffee Anderson & Drinking Mirror App

Jay Leno talked about the Coffee Anderson baby viral video and shared a Drinking Mirror app review. Later, the show featured a performance by Rodriguez.

The Tonight Show: Flu Season

Jay Leno said that 2013 was the worst flu season in years. Symptoms include feeling tired, feeling weak, and being achy, “like you’re playing for the Lakers.”


Hometown Buffet has been hiring seasonal employees to clean sneeze guards at their restaurants. Leno said that women in Beverly Hills are buying new noses when theirs start to run.

Jay Leno: President Obama Inauguration

Jay Leno: Drinking Mirror App Review & Coffee Anderson Baby Dance

Jay Leno’s Tonight Show monologue featured a Drinking Mirror app review, thoughts on the Coffee Anderson baby dance, and a labradoodle with a lion haircut.

The Tonight Show reported that President Barack Obama would be sworn in at his inauguration using two Bibles. “Is that how bad it’s gotten” in Washington, he wondered.


A town and country hotel package for the inauguration included a social media butler and cost $47,000 for two people. But the only people who could afford that kind of trip “voted for Romney,” according to Jay.

Tonight Show: Labradoodle Vs Lion

Jay said the president has been criticized for the lack of diversity in his administration, but it does not get more diverse than being “half white and half black,” Leno said. “He IS diversity.”

A labradoodle was mistaken for a lion, spurring multiple 911 calls in Virginia. That could only lead to residents mistaking actual lions for dogs.

The Tonight Show: Coffee Anderson Baby

For the first time, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is being published in hardcover. But Jay Leno suggested that having them leatherbound might be more appropriate.

Singer Coffee Anderson’s baby son took the stage at a recent concert. Can you imagine being upstaged by your own baby? He came out and danced to the music during the middle of a live show.

But it was not as cute when it happened at a Rolling Stones concert and an adult child with a walker crashed the stage.

Jay Leno: Refrigerator Text Messages

A new Progresso soup ad campaign features actors talking to one another using soup cans as telephones. Actually, Jay said those are commercials for T-Mobile; it sounds like I am not the only one who has gotten shafted by that phone company.

A new refrigerator debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show. It can send you text messages about what items are running low at your kitchen before you get home. That does sound convenient, but I can only imagine what might go wrong.

Tonight Show: Drinking Mirror App Review

Customs authorities recently found 310 pounds of marijuana disguised in frozen carrots, which should at least keep it away from kids. “How good would your vision be after this combination?” Jay wondered.

What age of people do you think are the biggest binge drinkers? The surprising answer is senior citizens, which “explains why John McCain picked Sarah Palin.”

A new app can try to predict how your face could age, in an attempt to curb women’s drinking habits. The Drinking Mirror app could produce truly terrifying results for Lindsay Lohan.

The Tonight Show: Lincoln Cialis Parody

Sometimes movie marketing tie-ins can really backfire, and as an example, Jay Leno showed an ad cross-promoting Cialis and the new movie Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field.

A former Justin Bieber bodyguard is suing the pop star claiming he was assaulted. How good can you be at your job as a bodyguard if Justin Bieber can take you?


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