Tonight Show: Russell Crowe Plays Superman’s Father & 2014 Film Noah


Tonight Show: Russell Crowe Oscar Performance

Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and the rest of the Les Miserables cast hopped on stage at the Academy Awards to sing “One More Day” and give a nod to beautiful music in beautiful films. Jackman may have kicked off the performance but it was his Les Miserables cast members, especially Russell Crowe, who sang their hearts out during the rousing performance.

Tonight Show: Russell Crowe Defends Seth MacFarlane

Tonight Show: Russell Crowe Plays Superman's Father & 2014 Film Noah

Jay Leno will talk with Russell Crowe about his new role in the movie Man of Steel, what it is like playing Noah and his performance at the Academy Awards. (Featureflash /


Seth MacFarlane has come under a lot of fire after hosting the Academy Awards. Many stars, and fans alike, have been criticizing MacFarlane and his more daring jokes during the night, but some celebrities have been defending the host saying he did a great job.

Crowe is one of the celebrities defending the Family Guy creator, tweeting ”Congratulations @SethMacFarlane , you did great mate, handled it all with grace, #topjob”

Did you think his jokes were a bit out of line? How about when he made fun of Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together by saying everything that took place in Django Unchained would just be referred to as a date night by the couple? Let us know how you feel about his hosting career in the comments section below.


Tonight Show: Russell Crowe In Man Of Steel

Russell Crowe’s newest movie to hit theaters this summer is the Superman movie Man of Steel. Crowe plays Jor-El, the biological father of Superman. Although it is not one of the main roles in the movie, Crowe had to beat out other leading men Sean Penn and Clive Owen for the role.

Crowe will be working with Amy Adams, Henry Cavill and other big name stars in the new movie.

Tonight Show: Russell Crowe In Noah

Crowe is also going to be in another movie coming out sometime in 2014. The movie, Noah, will see Crowe as the main character in the movie which doesn’t follow the story of Noah most of us are familiar with. In the movie, Noah tries to tell the people of the world to stop abusing the Earth but no one listens to him. When he and his family are cast into the wilderness they meet a race of six-armed angles that agree to help them save the people on Earth.


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