Tonight Show: Richard Roeper 2013 Oscar Ballot & Best Picture Snubs


Tonight Show: 2013 Oscar Ballot

Film critic Richard Roeper has been making movie predictions for years. Check out his take on the 2013 best picture nominees and his best streak of correct guesses ever. Who is on Richard Roeper’s 2013 Oscar Ballot?

Jay Leno: Oscar Betting Pool


Since he knows so much about the business and the films, he said that he no longer participates in Oscar betting pools. But he does fill out a ballot and make his predictions available if you need a cheat sheet.

His best record is guessing 23 out of 24 categories correct. He said that the animated short category is his toughest challenge. But those who want to win big must nail the obscure categories dealing with technical skills, such as sound mixing.

“And then you’ve got to pick at least one upset,” he suggested. Are you filling out an Oscar ballot this year?


The Tonight Show: 2013 Best Picture Snubs

Tonight Show: Richard Roeper 2013 Oscar Ballot & Best Picture Snubs

Richard Roeper shared 2013 Oscar ballot picks with Jay Leno, including the race for best picture, which films were snubbed, and who will win best actress.

Despite an expanded pool of nine best picture nominees, Richard Roeper told Jay that the Academy has an enduring problem: “Every year they ignore comedies and they ignore action films.” He thought that Dark Knight Rises or Skyfall should have been nominated for best picture.

“It’s hard to make a great action picture with terrific story as well, and that’s what Skyfall did,” Roeper said.

Tonight Show: Jennifer Lawrence Vs Jessica Chastain

He said that he expects Jennifer Lawrence to take the win for best actress in Silver Linings Playbook. But he said he thought that Jessica Chastain gave the best performance in the category, for Zero Dark Thirty.

“Jessica Chastain gave that movie heart and soul, and a character with empathy,” he said.

Jay Leno: Oscar Campaigning

Does Joaquin Phoenix put himself out of the running for honors from his peers by publicly dissing the Oscars? According to Roeper, Phoenix’s career has been up and down, but he should have know what he was getting into, and that the business is very competitive.

What movie spent the most campaigning to win Oscars in 2013? Lincoln, Argo, and Silver Linings Playbook were definitely aggressive in this awards season.

Tonight Show: Robert De Niro Oscars

Roeper and Leno watched an ad pointing out that Robert De Niro has not been honored in 32 years, and now is his chance with Silver Linings Playbook. Is that cheating?

According to the expert critic, the ad was an attempt to remind voters about his dramatic chops beyond comedy films, which might actually work.

The Tonight Show: Best Supporting Actress 2013

Anne Hathaway should be a lock for her supporting performance in Les Miserables, Roeper said. She has been turning in great work for a decade, and he loved her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream.”

What about that Ben Affleck snub? Roeper said that his best director snub has actually been a boon, making the wildly successful Argo an underdog for best picture; he thinks it will win the night’s biggest award.

If you’d rather go with Jay’s advice, you can put down Silver Linings Playbook as best picture, because it will be popular with actors.


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