Tonight Show: Kristen Bell Pregnancy & Searching For Sugar Man Review


Tonight Show: Kristen Bell Pregnancy

Kristen Bell is ready to pop. The actress was seen last week showing off her baby belly to friends while outside a cafe in Los Angeles. Bell has been tight-lipped about when the baby will be born, only saying the due date is sometime in late spring, but it seems like it could happen any minute when you look at the size of her belly.

The actress, who is engaged to Dax Shepard, said the two are not going to be getting married, even with the baby on the way, until the State of California makes same-sex marriage legal. (Dax Shepard is a male, in case someone’s mind went there).


Tonight Show: Kristen Bell Pregnancy & Searching For Sugar Man Review

Jay Leno will talk with Kristen Bell about her pregnancy and the amount of attention she has been getting, and he’ll listen to Rodriguez perform. (Featureflash /

I hope she doesn’t have the kid on the Tonight Show. That would reasonably shocking for everyone involved.

Tonight Show: Kristen Bell Maternity Fashion

Bell has been making quite the splash with her pregnancy and secret due date but she is also turning heads with her maternity fashion choices. It seems even with a giant belly Kristen Bell is going to be looking her best and people are taking notice.


The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has been seen all over the Los Angeles area donning cute dresses, jean jackets and some fashionable scarfs. She has also been spotted wearing a pair of brown and purple Nikes numerous times. They must be her favorite shoes.

Tonight Show: Rodriguez Searching For Sugar Man Review

Isn’t it the worst when a musician you like just stops putting out music and they never explain why? It is like this strange auditory relationship you have with someone you never met just ceases to exist and you have no say. Well this exact same scenario happened to Stephen Segerman and Craig Strydrom but instead of sitting back and hoping American musician Sixto Rodriguez would make some more music, they went in search of their favorite musician.

Nearly 10 years after their journey, director Malik Bendjelloul made their search into the film Searching for Sugar Man, a documentary that won Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards.

The documentary helped to jumpstart the career of Rodriguez in the states, a place where he was never very successful or well-known. He is going to be stopping by the Tonight Show to play some music from the soundtrack for Searching for Sugar Man.


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