Tonight Show: Jennifer Lawrence’s Clothes Sell For $12,000 At Auction


Tonight Show: Harry Styles Flirting With Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. From Jack Nicholson, who was seen flirting with Lawrence at the Oscars, to Harry Styles, who said he fell in love with the actress after seeing her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. Styles has taken to Twitter to profess his love for the Academy Award-winning actress, tweeting both “Jennifer Lawrence needs to win an Oscar tonight” and “just watched Silver Linings Playbook…I really liked it.”

Hopefully Taylor Swift doesn’t get wind of the tweets. She might end up writing a song about Jennifer Lawrence next.


Tonight Show: Jennifer Lawrence's Clothes Sell For $12,000 At Auction

Jay Leno and Jennifer Lawrence will talk about her clothes selling for $12,000 at an auction and the men, like Harry Styles, who are flirting with her. (Helga Esteb /

Tonight Show: Jennifer Lawrence Clothes Sell At Auction

If money is everything in Hollywood, then Jennifer Lawrence is going to be the queen soon. Her clothes from her Oscar-winning role in Silver Linings Playbook were put up for auction this past weekend and all the items combined sold for $12,000, a pretty hefty sum for a Moda International coat, a pair of stretch trousers, a Gap sports bra and a blue long-sleeved shirt.

The Moda International coat alone went for $4,652. The auction house representative said they expected all the clothes to sell for around $500 to $1,500, but dozen of bidders from around the world started furiously bidding against each other to own some of the film’s memorabilia.


Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence has been busy working on the second installment of the Hunger Games series, Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The actress will be reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen as she goes on a Victor’s Tour of the districts to be praised for her win in the 74th Annual Hunger Games, but there seems to be a revolution stirring and President Snow is ready to stop anything trying to overtake his rule.

March 5 2013 saw the first poster from the new movie released, although the movie isn’t set to hit theaters until November 22, 2013.


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