Tonight Show: Eli Roth Last Exorcism Part II Review & Slide Brothers


Tonight Show: Eli Roth the Last Exorcism Part II Review

With The Last Exorcism Part II hitting theaters this March 1 2013, Eli Roth has been one of the most talked about producers in Hollywood. Roth, who is often associated with other horror movie actors and directors known as the Splat Pack, has been filming horror movies since he first began making movies in the late 1990s.

In The Last Exorcism Part II, the film starts where the first film left off, with teenager Nell Sweetzer being found dirty and terrified in the woods after she was able to escape a demon ritual where a cult helped her deliver a demon baby. She is taken into a girls halfway house in New Orleans where she tries to put her life back together with the help of a therapist. Even as she gets her life back in order by finding a boyfriend and a getting a job at a local hotel, Nell knows she is still being sought by the demon who possessed her in the first film.


Tonight Show: Eli Roth Last Exorcism Part II Review & Slide Brothers

Jay Leno talked with Eli Roth about The Last Exorcism Part II, why he wanted to make Thanksgiving and Robert Randolph and The Slide Brothers will perform. (s_bukley /

Eli Roth: Thanksgiving Commercial

During the movie Grindhouse, Eli Roth made a fake commercial for a movie called Thanksgiving about a renegade serial killer who attacks the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts during their Thanksgiving festivities. Although the commercial was only meant to be a part of Grindhouse and nothing more, fans have convinced Roth to make the trailer into a real movie.

Roth said he has been working on the movie with his writing partner and the film should be hitting theaters later this year.


Tonight Show: Robert Randolph and The Slide Brothers

Robert Randolph is a pedal steel guitar player who made a name for himself and his band, The Family Band, when their latest album We Walk This Road had numerous songs used in different commercials. Randolph is teaming up with The Slide Brothers, a group of four musicians all rooted in the tradition of steel music, to bring their own unique sound to the Tonight Show stage.

The Slide Brothers describe their music as using “the guitar to mimic voices, to ‘sing’ lines of the hymns and to provide praise music that pushes the congregation closer to feeling the Holy Spirit. This church-bred style of high energy electrified slide remains today an integral part of the worship service wherever the faithful gather.”

They are going to be performing the song “Don’t Keep Me Wondering” off their new album The Slide Brothers.


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