Tonight Show: Duck Dynasty Premiere Ratings & Andy Grammer “Miss Me”


Tonight Show: Duck Dynasty Phil Willie Robertson vs Morrissey

I hope Morrissey isn’t supposed to be playing on the Tonight Show. He would probably cancel his performance like he did on Jimmy Kimmel Live after he hears Phil Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is going to be on the show.

Even if the duck call makers never have a chance to meet Morrissey, I don’t think they are going to mind with the type of ratings the Morrissey feud has given the last few episodes of the show. Last Thursday’s show set a new record for A&E, beating the previous record they set in December.


Tonight Show: Duck Dynasty Premiere Ratings & Andy Grammer "Miss Me"

Jay Leno invited Duck Dynasty star Phil Willie Robertson to talk about the astounding season three premiere ratings, and Andy Grammer will perform “Miss Me.” (Brad Camembert /

To give you an idea of how many people watched the premiere of the third season of Duck Dynasty think about this: Thursday’s premiere beat American Idol in the coveted 18 to 49 age group with a 4.0 rating compared to America Idol’s 3.9 rating. Not much of a difference, but for a show to be as big as American Idol after only two full seasons is unheard of. They had over nine million people tune in to watch.

The season premiere of the show also came on the heels of their Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance where Morrissey refused to perform saying he would not share the same stage with people that amounted to animal serial killers. Those are some harsh words, but they made people tune in.


Tonight Show: Andy Grammer Performs “Miss Me”

Andy Grammer is heading on the second tour of his career since his debut album, Andy Grammer, released in mid-2011. Before heading out on tour, the former busker who landed a number one spot on the Billboard New Artist Chart for his debut album, will be performing his newest song “Miss Me.”

Grammer, who has toured alongside Train, Natasha Bedingfield and more, said touring and performing live is his favorite part about being a  musician.

“It’s one of the only times during the day where they say, ‘I’m going to open up to some other stuff here,’ and you have that hour to get in and move stuff around and put it all back together. Those are the best gigs, where you can see that the whole room has moved somewhere together,” said Grammer when asked about playing live shows.


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