Tonight Show: Bill O’Reilly Sequestration & Vanity Fair Oscar Party


The Tonight Show: Bill O’Reilly

From the No Spin Zone, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly joined Jay Leno for a chat about his work as a personality and author. Find out what he made of the Vanity Fair Oscar party and the Washington sequestration fight.

Jay Leno: Bill O’Reilly Vanity Fair Oscar Party

O’Reilly was wrapping up a week in Los Angeles, where he enjoyed seeing the mountains for the first time, and the 75-degree weather. He also attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party, but he avoided the red carpet.


He said that some of the more liberal celebrities avoided him. However, he got to meet Sally Field, whom he has enjoyed since her days as The Flying Nun. “She was the nicest, smartest woman,” he said.

Tonight Show: Michelle Obama Propaganda At Academy Awards?

Tonight Show: Bill O'Reilly Vanity Fair Oscar Party & Sequestration

On The Tonight Show, Bill O’Reilly recalled the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and shared his thoughts on the Washington gridlock surrounding sequestration.

O’Reilly said he has trouble telling the younger actors apart, especially since they don’t always shave. What did he make of First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance at the Academy Awards?


“This was the most propagandistic thing I’ve ever seen,” he said of her announcing the winner for best picture. “But you can’t blame Michelle Obama. You get that opportunity, you do it.”

His point was that a Republican First Lady would never have gotten the same opportunity.

The Tonight Show: Bill O’Reilly Sequestration

Even Bill O’Reilly said he did not understand the “ridiculous” sequestration problems in Washington, which stem from the need for a balanced budget. He said that we are spending more than we will take in as income.

According to Bill O’Reilly, Republicans favor spending cuts, while Democrats are pushing for tax increases. He claimed the country could be on track for bankruptcy.

Jay Leno: Congressional Vacation

Leno said that he thinks it’s ridiculous that legislators get so much vacation, because people with real jobs have to stay late or stick around on the weekends to get their work done.

“It’s all gamesmanship,” O’Reilly said, suggesting that they could work together and get something accomplished.

He said that the consequences could be hyperbole in some cases, though there will be some noticeable effects.

The O’Reilly Factor airs weeknights on Fox News. O’Reilly’s next book, Killing Jesus, will be released later in 2013.


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