Tonight Show: After Lately Review & Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend


Tonight Show: Chelsea Handler Loves Her Boyfriend

Chelsea Handler is stopping by The Tonight Show and from her recent interview on Ellen it looks like she might want to bring her boyfriend with her. Handler gushed about her boyfriend of two years while on Ellen saying she loves her boyfriend and called him the best boyfriend in the world. Although Handler admitted they have had some rocky times in their past, she is still in love with him and she is also just now “blossoming into womanhood.”

Tonight Show: After Lately Review & Who Is Chelsea Handler's Boyfriend

Jay Leno is going to be sitting down with Chelsea Handler to talk about her boyfriend, their relationship and the new season of After Lately. (Featureflash /


Tonight Show: Chelsea Handler After Lately Review

Chelsea Handler’s newest show, After Lately, is going to be premiering it’s third season (I had no idea there were two previous seasons) February 25 2013 and Handler is excited for the show to hit the air.

After Lately is a faux documentary of the behind-the-scenes activities happening at the office of the late night talk show Chelsea Lately. The entire cast is made up of the actual writers and producers from the show as they bicker with each other about segments, fight for more air time and, Chelsea’s favorite, vie for her attention.

The show also sees other famous celebrities stopping by where they parody themselves on the show. Reese Witherspoon stops by the show in one episode but all the writers regret inviting her into the office because she starts annoying everyone. After receiving high ratings for the show in the first couple seasons, season three should be even better than the first two. And now that I know about it, I just might start watching it.


Tonight Show: Chelsea Handler Fun Size Review

Did you know Chelsea Handler was in a movie called Fun Size which went straight to DVD? Well, she was, and she is going to be discussing how the movie got a lot of criticism from critics for the adult humor and adult content despite the film being a Nickelodeon film.

The film follows Wren as she is ordered by her mother, played by Chelsea Handler, to take her brother trick-or-treating with her. When she loses her brother in a haunted house, Wren must find her brother before her mother finds out she lost him.


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