The Tonight Show: Mentalist Lior Suchard $1 Bill Illusion Magic Trick


The Tonight Show: Lior Suchard

Mentalist Lior Suchard returned to The Tonight Show with yet another mind-bending trick to wow Jay Leno, James Spader, and the audiences in studio as well as at home. Can you do this with a dollar bill?

Jay Leno: What Is A Mentalist?

Lior Suchard said that he knows how to read people’s thoughts and play with their minds. He gave Jay a large roll of paper, and on the desk was a bowl containing $300 in $1 bills.


Jay chose a random bill, folded it into quarters, and placed it inside a manila envelope. Then Leno had to sit on the envelope.

Tonight Show: James Spader Mentalist

The Tonight Show: Mentalist Lior Suchard $1 Bill Illusion Magic Trick

The Tonight Show demonstrated the unique talents of mentalist Lior Suchard, who used $1 bill and a marker to perform a stunning feat for Jay Leno on TV.

Next, Lior turned to James, giving him a poster board and a marker. James drew a circle on his posterboard and then was told to close his eyes.


Lior had a poster board of his own and quickly sketched a rudimentary smiley face on it. Then he had James open his eyes and draw a face of his own. Lior and James had drawings that I suppose were kind of similar.

Jay Leno: Lior Suchard Mentalist

For his next illusion, Lior grabbed James Spader’s cell phone, opened the calculator, and asked Jay for a four-digit number: 1492. He hit the + button and had James contribute the next number, 7594, before hitting + again.

Jay contributed 68721, a five-digit number, to the sum. Lastly, James had to silently come up with his own five-digit number to add to the sum. Then Spader had to multiply it by 31, a two-digit number supplied by Leno. (I’m confused by all this math already.)

The Tonight Show: Lior Suchard Calculator

The result was 40,450,437, and Lior Suchard got Spader and Leno to agree that they had not been supplied numbers in advance. Then it was time to unroll the paper, which improbably contained the eight-digit number they had just come up with.

Upon opening the sealed envelope containing a randomly selected dollar bill that Jay had been sitting on, the host found its serial number was also the number they had come up with. That is some voodoo, you guys.

Jay Leno: Lior Suchard Review

By spraying one extra line on the sheet and then turning it upside down, Lior got the number to spell the words Leno Show. That’s crazy, and I bet it is a fun live show if you can catch it on the road. How have we not solved all the world’s magic tricks in this modern Internet era?



  1. says

    Feb 11, 2013 episode 4406, Lior Suchard the mentalist made an error. if you add the 2 largest 4 digit numbers and add to the 2 largest 5 digit numbers and multiply by 31 you can’t get 40,450,437. Ex. 9999+9999+99999+99999 X 31 = 6819876 Please explain

  2. Josiah says

    (1492 + 7594 + 68721 + a) 31 = 40,450,437

    The “5 digit number” that James Spader would have had to input in order to get the result of 40,450,437 would have to have been: 1,227,045.8064516129032258064516129

    Two possibilities:
    1). James Spader was in on the trick, and merely typed in the number 40,450,437 right before the calculator was revealed to the audience (most likely).
    2). Lior Suchard did something to the phone’s calculator when he first handled it, which would ensure that the result would be 40,450,437.

  3. Will says

    Glad someone else noticed the error.

    Is it possible that Lior added a number first before handing the calculator to James?

    • Jeff says

      40,450,437 / 31 = 1,304,852.81 which won’t work for any whole number addition. I’m sure he entered the number into Memory and then just hit the MR button. I guess he could have placed bills that had been dyed with the same number.

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