Jay Leno: Quirky.com Vine Wine Holder & Grill Wrangler Review


The Tonight Show: Quirky.com Review

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an invention you just know could make millions? Jay Leno said the website Quirky.com can help make your dreams a reality. To explain this, company founder Ben Kaufman was on the Tonight Show with the Vine, Risers, and Grill Wrangler review.

Tonight Show: What Is Quirky?


The idea behind Quirky is to help inventors find a market for their product ideas, by soliciting input from real consumers. “If enough people love it, we make sure that that product gets manufactured and is available at all the best retailers in the world,” he explained.

Inventors are paid for their contributions and their pictures and stories appear on the retail boxes for their products. It sounds like the Shark Tank approach to social networking.

Jay Leno: Quirky Risers Review

Jay Leno: Quirky.com Vine Wine Holder & Grill Wrangler Review

The man behind Quirky.com showed off some popular crowdsourced inventions, such as the Vine wine holder, Kepler Sapce Kit, and a 3-in-1 Grill Wrangler review.


Risers are a product that cuts out the need for a ladder by creating step stools that you wear on your feet to help change light bulbs or do some painting around the house. They made Jay about seven feet tall.

The Tonight Show: Nibble Cake Pan Review

If you want to taste test your cake before serving it or taking it to a party, you can use Nibble, a cake pan that has a small spot for a sample size bite of cake to test for doneness and proper flavor, without messing up the look of your cake.

Tonight Show: Confetti Candles Review

One man wanted to combine the fun of blowing out candles and decorating cakes. That’s how Confetti Candles came to be. The candles are lit and then attached balloons explode, sprinkling the cake with edible confetti.

Jay Leno: Rejected Quirky Products

Not all the ideas on Quirky make it through the peer review process. Ben showed one of the products that did not make the cut. I’m surprised it was appropriate enough to be on TV.

Then there was the man who wanted to make it easier to get Pringles out of the bottom of the can, by making the can more like a Pez dispenser. This one did not make the cut either.

The Tonight Show: Grill Wrangler Review – 3-In-1 Barbecue Tool

The Grill Wranger, a 3-in-1 barbecue tool, serves as tongs, a spatula, and a fork, depending on how you configure it. No more searching for multiple tools. You can find this new tool at Williams Sonoma later in 2013, according to Ben Kaufman.

Tonight Show: Vine Wine Holder Review

It’s hard to store wine in the fridge, because the bottle wants to roll around. That’s where the Vine Bottle Anchor comes in. It goes under the neck of the bottle to keep it from rolling around.

Jay Leno: Kepler Space Kit Review

Last was the Kepler Space Kit, which lets you get a bird’s eye view from space. You can send a camera up in the air using a weather balloon. The kit contains a GPS module to help you track down your balloon once it comes back down to Earth.


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