Today Show: Beat Fashion Phobias & How to Look Slim in Pencil Skirts


Today Show: Lori Bergamotto Beating Fashion Phobias

Have you ever tried on something at the store and felt confident in it but when you get home you are thinking to yourself, “there is no way I can wear this leopard print pair of jeans?” Sometimes fashion can be scary but Lori Bergamotto, from Lucky magazine, said you do not have to have any fashion phobias. The key to feeling confident in all your clothes is to take small risks with your style.

Today Show: Beat Fashion Phobias & How to Look Slim in Pencil Skirts

The Today Show looked at different ways to beat fashion phobias and wear clothing like pencil skirts, jeans, dresses with curves and short and sleeveless dresses.


She proved her point of taking small risks when she brought out Amanda who said she hates to wear jeans because she can never find a pair that fits her correctly. Bergamotto said when she looked for jeans for Amanda, she looked for something to fit her petite and curvy body. She also said it is best to find jeans that have stretch to them because they will conform to you body better.

  • Gap Bootcut Jeans

Today Show: How To Wear a Pencil Skirt Properly

Pencil skirts are a fashion trend many women do not think they can pull off, but Bergamotto said it is all about finding a pencil skirt that looks slimming. She brought out Katie who said she hates wearing pencil skirts because her lower half is so curvy. Bergamotto found her a pencil skirt from Macy’s that had a panel in the front with leopard print and two panels on the sides that were black which made Katie to look skinnier. Also, when looking for pencil skirts, find skirts that have a cut above or below the knee, but not on the knee.

  • Macy’s Pencil Skirt

Today Show: Fashion Phobia – Short and Sleeveless

Exposing your arms to the world is another fashion phobia many woman have. Bergamotto brought out Daria who said she does not like her arms and rarely goes without some kind of sleeve, but Bergamotto dressed her in a flattering sleeveless button down shirt and a tight skirt. Bergamotto said any time you go sleeveless, leave the spaghetti straps at home.


Today Show: Dressing For Curves

The last woman to come out was Allison who had a lot of body confidence but did not like wear dresses because of her weight. Bergamotto dressed her in a slimming dress with longer sleeves and a shorter hemline to help hide the extra weight.


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