Today: Lisa Eldridge Makeup Tips For Mature Women With 15-Step Process


Today Show: Ageless Beauty

While the trends and fads all accentuate young and tight models, Lisa Eldridge is helping older women look their best every day. Her series of how-to makeup videos on YouTube have taken off much faster than she expected. She’s had hundreds of thousands of questions on doing makeup on more mature faces and skin. The transformation is fresh, natural, glamorous and so simple you can do it every day.

Today Show: Lisa Eldridge Beauty

Today: Lisa Eldridge Makeup Tips For Mature Women With 15-Step Process

Lisa Eldridge took mature women with natural beauty and turned them into glamorous ladies with a few simple mature beauty tricks.


Lisa focuses on women that are natural and haven’t had any work done. She gets amazing results and women have told her they are now less afraid of trying makeup.

Her secrets are using a light base, tinted moisturizers and evening yourself out with foundation. She avoids heavy makeup because it can accentuate wrinkles. Today calls her “the Rembrandt of makeup.”

She avoids harsh edges and lipliners. Instead, Lisa likes to use fresh dewy looks and age-appropriate makeup. It’s all about looking good and feeling glamorous at any age.


Today Show: Step-By-Step Beauty

Lisa created a fresh day look that you can wear to work. It’s inspired by all of the letters she gets from women saying how afraid they are of makeup and their wrinkles. The 15-step process can be mixed and skipped here and there depending on your time.

The base should be light. Heavy bases will accentuate wrinkles and do you no favors. For blush you should use a cream. Lisa said it’s great for drier skin. If you have a red flush, try powder instead. You want to blend it into the apple of your cheeks and avoid harsh edges. Lisa said blending is everything. Treat your fingers like “butterfly wings” on your face.

Eyes are the next step. An eye primer will change your life and keep your makeup from getting caught in creases. Everything stays in place! As women age, eyelashes get thiner and sparser. Use a pencil at the root of your lashes for definition. Don’t try to draw on the perfect line, but smudge it to give more definition. Lisa recommends using cooler colors if your hair is going grey. Warm colors will give you a harsh look.

Today: Martha Stewart Easter Crafts

With the winter weather lingering, Martha Stewart recommends doing inside activities for Easter. Her magazine has cutouts that you can print on transfer paper and then glue onto eggs for a new look.

She made cardboard eggs fun with paint and glitter. You just paint the eggs the color you want, then paint water glue on top and coat them with sparkles and glitter.

For kids, painting wooden eggs is a fun craft, Stewart said. They can choose the color and then get an Easter-themed cutout. Use the water glue to secure the paper cutout.

Her final craft is coloring eggs. After they are colored and dried, take a toothbrush and paint and speckle the eggs. You can splatter paint them or flick the paint on. Also, stickers of butterflies add a fun, nature element.


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