Beach Vs City Bride Wedding Makeup Tips: Today’s Beauty


Today’s Beauty: Beach Vs City Wedding

Summer is a popular season for weddings, and whether the ceremonies are taking place on a beach or at an elegant city hot spot, hopefully love is in the air. Wherever marriages are taking place, there are countless details to take care of, including makeup. Bobbi Brown, Beauty Editor for Today, shared Wedding Makeup Tips blushing brides and their wedding parties.

Choose a yellow tone foundation so it blends in with your skin in wedding photos.


How To Make Wedding Makeup Last

Wedding Makeup Tips: City Vs Beach Brides

Whether you're a City or Beach Bride to be, learn Wedding Makeup Tips to look great in wedding photos.

From the final preparations before the ceremony to the countless photo opportunities and a wild party at the reception, you will need wedding makeup that’s built to last.

Bobbi Brown recommended Long Wear Eyeshadow, Waterproof Mascara, and a combination of Blushes. Layer a Cream Blush underneath a Powder Blush to preserve your look throughout the day.


When it comes to lipstick, choose a Long Wear Matter Lipstick, and draw the lip liner pencil into the lipstick application itself. Finish with a Lip Gloss to seal everything in. You can touch it up through the day with Lip Gloss as well.

Wedding Makeup Tips: City Bride Beauty

For the City Bride, Bobbi Brown shared the following highlights of her model Michelle’s “elegant, understated” look for City Wedding Makeup Tips:

  • False Eyelashes
  • Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
  • Brighter Lipstick Shade
  • Darker Eyeliner & Eyelashes

Stress can cause makeup applications to fade, which is why Bobbi said her Blush layers are critical for this type of special occasion. Think about Moisturizer, and use a Powder Puff instead of a Brush for longer wear.

Wedding Makeup Tips: Beach Bride Beauty

As a Beach Bride, the look will be more relaxed, a look that Bobbi Brown dubbed “sexy hippie.” The skin is bronzed, with a base of foundation, and a light application of Bronzing Powder on key face and neck areas. Here are some makeup recommendations for Beach Bride Wedding Makeup Tips and outdoor weddings:

  • No Shine Bronzing Powder base
  • Shiny Bronzer on cheeks
  • Subtle Shimmer for temples (skip the forehead and nose)
  • Glittery, sparkling Eyeshadow

If that much detail goes into planning a bride’s makeup, there must be a million other things to think about when planning your wedding. But now you at least have a guideline to get you started so you can look your best for all those wedding photos to commemorate the special day.


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