Today Show: South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Review & Celiac Disease


Today Show: Gluten-Free Diets On the Rise

A lot of people have been trying gluten-free diets, from Bill Clinton to Gwyneth Paltrow to David Beckham. But for some people, a gluten-free diet is the only diet they can be on. About one percent of the entire population has celiac disease, a autoimmune disease where the body attacks any gluten you put into your body, but within only weeks of getting gluten out of your diet, the symptoms go away for good.

Today Show: South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Review & Celiac Disease

The Today Show looked at the new South Beach Diet Gluten Solution book and went over why gluten sensitivities are the least diagnosed disease of all time.


Today Show: The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Review

With so many people trying gluten-free diets, having celiac disease and countless other people who have gluten sensitivities, creator of The South Beach Diet, Dr. Arthur Agatston, reformed his amazing diet to better suit a gluten-free diet. The new book, The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, has been helping people everywhere eat healthier and stay away from gluten for good.

Dr. Agatston said people are losing weight with the new diet and their blood pressure is lowering, which he expected to happened, but people are also getting a better night’s sleep, they are less bloated and they have clearer skin. Dr. Agatston believes this is because some people have gluten sensitivities and they do not even know it, meaning they are not exactly allergic to gluten but it doesn’t always sit right with their body.

“Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities are the most under-diagnosed disease of our time,” Dr. Agatston said.


Today Show: Gluten-Free Diet Guide

He believes this to be true because gluten sensitivities are hard to diagnose. Many of the symptoms, which include stomach pains, bloating, lack of sleep and headaches, are symptoms that many different illnesses have. But with his new book, Dr. Agatston said you will be able to find your level of gluten sensitivity and find foods you enjoy to eat that won’t leave you feeling sick.

Dr. Agatston admitted he never heard of gluten sensitivities before he came up with The South Beach Diet. He said it was just coincidence that many of the recipes were gluten-free. But now he wants to work with gluten-free recipes because, according to Dr. Agatston, gluten-free diets have cured cirrhosis and fibromyalgia.

He had a few foods he recommended people try when they are giving the gluten-free diet a try:


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