Today Show: Menopausal Memory Loss, New Bridget Jones Book


Today Show May 28 2013

On Today Show May 28 2013, they exclusively announced a new Bridget Jones book, did some research on menopausal memory loss, showed us the book Cleaning House, debated Julie Hermann’s athletic director status at Rutgers, and told us the story of the accident that left Cindy Donald paralyzed.

Today Show: New Bridget Jones Book & Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage

Today Show: Menopausal Memory Loss, New Bridget Jones Book

A new Bridget Jones book has been announced, will Renee Zellweger star in the inevitable film?


On today’s trending topics, the crew revealed that the United States is the only country without mandated vacation, explained why Kelly Rowland cried on stage over the weekend, clued us in on new spelling bee rules, and made a world-exclusive reveal of the new Bridget Jones book.

Today Show: New Bridget Jones Book & Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage

Today: Is Menopausal Memory Loss Real?

Ellen Dolgen, a menopause advocate who runs a support group called Menopause Mondays, says that women experience menopausal memory loss, and a new set of studies provides pretty strong evidence that it is real.


Today: Is Menopausal Memory Loss Real? Menopause Mondays Support Group

Today Show: Cleaning House Review For Parents With Entitled Kids

Kay Wyma was tired of dealing with entitled kids, so she made a 12-point directive to change that in a 12-month experiment, and found great success. She tells all about in her book, Cleaning House.

Today Show: Cleaning House Book Helps Parents Deal With Entitled Kids

Today: Is A New Rutgers University Coach Abusing Players?

After Rutgers University made news when their basketball coach, Mike Rice, was caught abusing players, they have made headlines again for their new athletic director, Julie Hermann, who reportedly abused players in the past when she coached volleyball for Tennessee.

Today: Rutgers University Julie Hermann Abused Players & Citi Bike NYC

Today: Cindy Donald Paralyzed By Her Father & Dreams Of Recovery Charity

Cindy Donald was paralyzed by her father eight years ago, but doesn’t blame him for the accident. She looks at the accident as putting meaning into her life, and started a foundation called Dreams of Recovery.

Today: Cindy Donald Dreams Of Recovery Foundation & Atlanta Bagel Boys


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