Today’s Style: White Fashions: Peplum Top & Neon 2012 Trends


Today’s Style: Wearing White At Any Age

With Memorial Day now behind us, it’s the customary season to wear white. But how do you pull it off, no matter what your age? For advice on how to make white work for your look, Today turned to Daily Candy’s Lilliana Vazquez, who showcased White Fashions and started by breaking down the old rule limiting white to the summer season.

“White is appropriate all summer long. It’s also OK to layer white,” Lilliana Vazquez said.


Today's Style: White Fashions

Contrary to what you may have heard, White Fashions can be stylish & look great any time of year, at any age.

Today’s Style: White Fashions for 20s

Lilliana noted that you can get away with anything in your 20s, such as shorts and mini skirts. Samantha modeled a layered white outfit. Mix and match accessorizing is an easy way to customize your look, but gold makes great contrast.

  • Zara Sleeveless Blazer – $49.90
  • Nordstrom Tank Top – $32.00
  • Express Shorts – $36.00
  • Ashley Stewart Necklace & Bracelets – $14-18

Today’s Style: White Fashions for 30s

Model Erica demonstrated a look for women in their 30s, and Lilliana pointed out that white jeans are a summer stable. One of this year’s trends is a throwback to the 1950s, the Peplum Top.


Another of the 2012 Trends is neon, such as the yellow H&M necklace Erica sported. Go one size up for skinny jeans to avoid white jeans. Nude or Seamless undergarments are also the best look for white jeans.

  • H&M Peplum Top – $29.95
  • Urban Outfitters Jeans – $54.00
  • H&M Necklace – $12.95
  • Nine West Shoes – $79.00

Today’s Style: White Fashions for 40s

Christine was the 40s model, showcasing an age appropriate dress that is Lilliana called “young, youthful and fresh.” A wide belt is useful to define your waist as you age, and high heels create vertical height. Lilliana said to look for midseason markdowns when you shop. As a rule, stark whites are harder to wear.

  • Mango Dress – $119.99
  • Zara Belts – $14.90
  • JCP Necklace & Bracelets – $12-18
  • Aldo Shoes – $22.95

Today’s Style: White Fashions for 50s

For an elegant look as you grow old gracefully, Kris demonstrated a soft look with a tailored skirt. Textures create an expensive look, but they don’t have to cost a fortune. “With white, it’s not about the color being wrong. It’s about the cut being wrong,” Lilliana concluded.

  • Topshop Blouse – $76.00
  • Loft Skirt – $56.60
  • Henri Bendel Necklace – $98.00
  • Ivana Trump Piperlime Shoes – $99.99


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