Today’s Style: Floral Reviews for Daytime, Plus Sizes & 50s


Today’s Style: Brooklyn Style & What Not To Wear

Stacy London is best known for helping everyday women make over their wardrobes. She’s kicking off a ninth season of What Not To Wear. She was joined by Lisa Dolan, the star of Big Brooklyn Style, also on TLC, who shared their Floral Reviews for one of this season’s major fashion trends.

Lisa Dolan explained that Big Brooklyn Style is set in her Brooklyn clothing store. Stacey London is one of the producers of Big Brooklyn Style.


The shows air Tuesday nights on TLC.

Today's Style: Floral Reviews

Stacey London's Floral Reviews offered ideas for how to mix and match prints for any age or occasion.

Today’s Style: Floral Reviews For Daytime

The first model was Jessica, who demonstrated how to layer florals for a daytime look.

  • Blazer – $89.90,
  • Tank – $49.90,
  • Jeans – $98.50,
  • Clutch – $19.99,

“One thing that’s very big this season is you’re going to see a lot of mixing of prints and mixing of floral print,” Stacey said.

She advised that there are two rules she shares for mixing prints. Stay in the same color palate. Also, make one print bigger and more dominant than the other. Also, if you do florals on one half of the body, go solid for the other half of your outfit. Also, match accessories to colors in your outfit.

Today’s Style: Floral Reviews For Plus Sizes

Stacy’s daughter, Melissa, showed off a floral look for curvier ladies. Stacy explained that a high waistline dress makes the stomach look smaller. Paired with a cardigan, you don’t have to worry that prints make you look bigger. Look for a flattering cut for your body type.

  • Dress – $142.00,
  • Cardigan – 78,00,

Today’s Style: Floral Reviews For 50s

You can still pull off floral as you age gracefully, as Joan demonstrated. Stacy emphasized texture over print for the distinguished woman. Don’t let florals age you. Also, you can accessorize with shoes or jewelry to bring color and punch to the look.

  • Jacket – $49.95, H&
  • Pants – $49.95,
  • Tank – $88.00,
  • Pumps – $99.00,

Today’s Style: Floral Reviews For Evening

You can dress up at night, and Stacy advocated for a black and white or metallic look, as Debbie showed off.

“If you’re going to do florals on the bottom half, make sure it’s a flattering cut: pencil skirt or A-line,” Stacy said, suggesting skirts. “You can always mix your metallics, and the shine helps to balance out the print.”

  • Coat – $99.90,
  • Top – $90.00,
  • Skirt – $89.50,


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