Today Show: Zagat Wine Club Review & Credit Card Rewards Savings


By Caitlin Coyne

Today Show: Frugal Living Tips

I’m always trying to save money, especially in this economy. Sometimes I don’t know where to start. When Jean Chatzky, frugal living expert, stopped by the Today Show, she gave some very helpful tips to those trying to save a few bucks.


Today Show: Budget Text Alerts

Today Show: Zagat Wine Club Review & Credit Card Rewards Savings

On Today, Jean Chatsky shared frugal living tips on how to set budget text alerts, buy direct, and maximize credit card rewards.

First, she suggested setting up a text alert to your phone when you go over a set amount on your card, or your account balance gets low. A lot of people utilize online banking to take control of their finances; this is taking it a step further.

Maybe you know that you’re not supposed to spend over a certain amount, but tracking it is hard. Getting a text alert when you’re over your limit, I think, would help. It would certainly help me keep my spending in check.


Today Show: Credit Card Rewards

Most credit cards come with rewards, such as cash back, airplane miles, and other perks. These are great incentives, but credit cards can put you in the hole quickly. If you have multiple credit cards, Chatzky recommends posting the rewards that you receive on the card with a Post-It note.

Say you have four cards. One card offers 3% back on groceries, one card that rewards you with 1.25 airline miles per dollar spent, one card with 1% back on gas, and another that points on every purchase.

Chatzky recommends labeling those cards and then using only one card per month so that you see the rewards come back sooner. If you spread out your purchases over the 4 cards, your rewards will not rack up as fast.

Today Show: Zagat Wine Club Review

Sometimes you want to kick back with a good drink, but alcohol can be expensive, especially for those with a discerning taste. Chatzky introduced Today Show viewers to the Zagat Wine Club. If you find yourself running up the bill on fine wines, this money-saving tip is for you.

Your first Zagat Wine Club case of 15 fine wines is $69.99, an exceptional savings over the original price of $299.99. You can choose from reds and whites to keep it interesting.

The club membership is ongoing and the introductory price of $69.99 is a one-time deal. Every case of wine after that first one still includes 15 wines, but the price increases to $160.

Today Show: Cutting Out The Middleman

To save more money, it’s a good idea to buy direct. Chatzky recommends for direct deals on headphones, TVs, projectors, and other electronics.

Buying direct means buying straight from the manufacturer, so it cuts out a lot of the cost. Another great site Chatzky recommends is for bed linens. sells high quality bed linens at half the price of other websites.


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