Today Show: Susan Feniger Border Grill & LA Food Truck Reviews


By Brittany Spear

Today Show: Gas-ing Up the Food Truck Movement

While in Los Angeles, host Willie Geist got the chance to talk with Susan Feniger, author of Susan Feniger’s Street Food and owner of the Border Grill food truck. Susan showed Willie around her own food truck, talking about the growing phenomenon of gourmet food a la food truck and the cultural tidbits that this sensation has brought to the United States, and L.A. in particular.


Today Show: Birth Of The Food Truck

Today Show: Susan Feniger Border Grill & LA Food Truck Reviews

On Today, Susan Feniger explained the growing popularity of gourmet food trucks, such as Border Grill and Dogtown, in Los Angeles and across the country. (Jeff Whyte /

With the wealth of food trucks amassing in Los Angeles, it could be hard to believe that they haven’t always been there. But according to Susan Feniger, if you had looked around Los Angeles only five years ago, you probably wouldn’t have seen a single one.

The food truck industry in Los Angeles, and in the nation proper, only really began about four years ago. She isn’t talking about your standard hot dog food truck though, with only relish and ketchup as your sides. She’s talking about gourmet food trucks, where you can get high quality food out of the truck and on the go. These aren’t fried concoctions; in reality, many of these food trucks come with highly variable food supplies that could satisfy a large range of tastes.


Today Show: Border Grill Food Truck Review

Susan Feniger’s truck, the Border Grill, mainly distributes tacos. Her personal favorite is a taco filled with carne asada (thin grilled beef) that has been marinated in her Cuban cilantro marinade. Topped with California avocado spread, salsa fresca, and chipotle salsa, this taco is a great morning pick–me-up.

Today Show: Dogtown & The Hungry Nomad Reviews

Another food truck that Susan introduced Willie to is the Dogtown Truck, known for its gourmet hot dogs piled with delicious add-ons and ingredients. One of the early morning favorites in this truck is the Morning Commute: a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with a perfectly fried egg. Another favorite of the owner is the California Dog, topped with crispy onions, arugula, and tomatoes. This food truck manages to break the conception that the hot dog can’t be classy.

Susan also showed Willie The Hungry Nomad, a food truck known for its Mediterranean fare. The owner of the food truck showed the audience a delicious falafel sandwich, made right in the back of the truck. This indulgent sandwich had falafel, lentils, mushrooms and more.

Today Show: Los Angeles Food Trucks

These trucks offered just a taste of the variety and deliciousness that the L.A. food trucks have to offer. These trucks offer more than just food though, according to Susan Feniger.

In a city so heavily run by cars, where people are driving everywhere and constantly moving, the food trucks offer a sense of community. People can meet by the food trucks and feel a sense of connection to the other people around them, a population on the go and on the road.

The food truck movement is growing and growing across the nation, but Susan feels that it will always have a heart and a place in Los Angeles, even more so than it does in New York.


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