Today Show: Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas & The Fray


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were given a quick run-down of last minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas. Most of the products catered to children, but a few would make a great addition to anyone’s stocking! Check out the products below:

Brothers Star Trek USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

  • The Brothers Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener is tailor-made for adults.

    Kathie Lee & Hoda The Fray

    Credit: Adam J. Sablich /


    I never really got into Star Trek but it’s perfect for a fan of the series. Leave your favorite Star Trek moment in the comments for other fans of the series!

Klingon Corkscrew

  • The Klingon Korkscrew is another great stocking stuffer for the Trekkie in your life!

Sesame Street iPhone Cover & iPad Cover

  • Sesame Street iPhone and iPad covers were showcased. I’m guessing most people that own one of these expensive, sophisticated devices are too old to still watch Sesame Street (at least by their own choosing), but who knows? The covers were indeed colorful!

Spongebob Roll-Up Keyboard

  • As if our kids need more encouragement to be in front of the computer, right?  Well at least the Spongebob Keyboard rolls up and is easy to clean.

Kathie Lee: Coffee Talk Game

  • The Coffee Talk Game actually featured co-host Kathie Lee Gifford in the game. She of course put in a quick pitch for the game, which seems like fun. A card is flipped over and contestants have 45 seconds to write out whatever comes to mind — based on the keyword or phrase — and you get points for coming up with things that other players did not.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Curious George Hat

  • A variety of Curious George hats and other winter wear were donned by the co-hosts.

Fraggle Rock Hat (Red & Gobo)

Inkoos Marker Kitty

  • The Inkoos Mini Plush Kitty with Marker looked like a great interactive gift for younger children. The stuffed animal can be written on with a special marker that comes off in the regular wash. Drawings, decorations, you name it. The stuffed animals seemed to be mostly kittens, but came in a variety of colors.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Disney iHome

  • Most of us have some iHome device to plug our iPhone or iPod into at home, but now you can get a Disney-themed iHome for your child.

M&M Wallets

  • The perfect stocking stuffer for the choc-o-holic in your life who is on a diet is a M&M Wallet.

Butterfly Treasure Box Sticker By Number

  • Remember those color-by-number books you did when you were little?  That concept just got even better with the Sticker By Number kits… yes, you get to place stickers on set shapes to create beautiful treasure boxes.  And who does not love Melissa and Doug?

HexBug Robotic Bugs

  • Want a fun office toy for on your desk?  Or a toy for your little boy to run after for a while?  Then definitely check-out the HexBug, they come in all shapes and sizes from spiders to ants.

Deepak Chopra Leela



Today Show: The Fray

The Today Show welcomed The Fray for an on-set live performance off of their upcoming CD, “Scars & Stories”. The band, formed in 2002 by two schoolmates in Denver, Colorado, have previously released two albums, “The Fray” and “How to Save a Life”. The performance was a stripped down affair and featured lead singer Isaac Slade in a black leather jacket crooning away at the microphone, with two guitars and a drummer to back him up. A really catchy song and I’m certainly looking forward to the CD.



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