Today Show: Smart Family Cars | Chevy Traverse, Chrysler Town & Country & Prius


Today Show: Family Cars 2012

The Today Show joined with Parenting Magazine to give us a list of the top seven smart family cars.  From mini-vans to green cars (of course, the Prius) here are the cars that made the list:

Today Show: Chevy Traverse Review

The first car shown on the Today Show was the Chevrolet Traverse which has three rows of seats, making it similar to a minivan, but it looks more attractive!  The second row of seats slides and is easy enough for even a child to operate.  Plus there are even cup holders in the back seat for your children’s sippy cups and juice boxes.


Today Show: Chrysler Town & Country Review

Next up on the Today Show’s list of Smart Family Cars is the Chrysler Town & Country, which is a minivan that has been around for ages.  But this years model is definitely new and improved.  The second row of seats folds into the ground, and when the seats are not collapsed, the bins in the ground create an amazing storage spot for all of your kids things (awesome feature for soccer moms!!!).  There are also two DVD screens (though I imagine this is an add-on feature that does not come by default) and they have game hookups so there won’t be any fighting in the back seats!

Today Show: Toyota Prius Review

And of course the Toyota Prius had to be mentioned, though frankly I don’t see how it qualifies as a “Smart Family Car.”

Today Show Family Cars

Today Show Family Cars (Image Credit: Dongliu /


The only feature they mentioned (in addition to it being green and getting great mileage) is that there is an iPad-type device built into the dashboard.  Though this did not work well in their demonstration, and I do not think that feature alone makes it a great family car.

The other four Smart Family Cars were not shown on the show, but they said the other cars were the following:

– Nissan Quest

– Honda Odyssey

– Infinity JX

– Volkswagen SportsWagen


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