Today Show: Refurbished Computer Benefits & Microsoft Surface Review


Today Show: Benefits Of Refurbished Computers

The Today Show has been getting a lot of technology questions lately so they called on the help of tech genius Mario Armstrong to help them answer some technology-related questions. Karen from Utah wrote in asking what refurbished meant when related to computers and if it is a good idea to buy a refurbished computer.

Armstrong said refurbished means a lot of different things to different devices, but for the computer it means a company has downloaded new software on a computer and brought it as close to the original working order as they could. He said for any refurbished computers it is best to look for a sticker saying ‘Refurbished’ and check the new software because it shows that the computer was refurbished by a person or company who is reliable.


Today Show: Refurbished Computer Benefits & Microsoft Surface Review

The Today Show found out why refurbished computers can be cheaper, looked the Microsoft Surface and found out how the Zomm Wireless keeps your phone close.

Armstrong said refurbished computers can be a great buy. Although they have shorter warranties, they could save you a couple hundred dollars. His only suggestion is buying the refurbished computer from the manufacturer.

Today Show: Best Bluetooth Home Speaker System – Sonos

Matt from Baltimore wrote in asking if the best bluetooth home speaker system is Sonos.


Armstrong said there are lots of other home speaker systems that can be set up through the iPhone or iPad but he said Sonos is the perfect wireless device to listen to different music in different rooms. He said the device will allow someone to listen to blues in the basement while the kids listen to hip hop in their rooms. Although the Sonos device isn’t cheap, Armstrong said it is great for someone who already has the speakers and sound system hooked up in the house.

Today Show: Microsoft Surface Review

Mike from New York City wanted to know what Armstrong could tell him about Microsoft Surface, saying he hasn’t heard anything about it in some time.

Armstrong said Mike might have missed a lot of the news about the Microsoft Surface because there was a lot of confusion when the product first came out. The main confusion was over the two different types of the product. The RT model is like a tablet with Windows while the Pro model is more like a tablet and a computer combined, explained Armstrong. He said the Pro model is the perfect model for people who want to use it for email and Microsoft Office.

Today Show: Zomm Wireless Review

Melinda from Montana saw a commercial for the Zomm and wanted to know what it is and how it works.

Armstrong told her Zomm is a device that will help you keep track of your phone. Simply hook it up to the phone and as soon as you walk away from somewhere without taking your phone, at around 60 feet the Zomm will start beeping to let you know you forgot the phone.


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