Today Show: Popular Board Games in America & HGTV Pillow Shopping Tips


Today Show: Popular Board Games In America

Board games are not going away even in an era with computers, smartphones, apps for anything and everything, iPods, iPads and iEverythings. But why do people love board games? Is it the roll of the dice or the shuffling of cards? Is it the handling of fake money or moving game pieces around the board? Or is it because board games are tangible in so many more aspects than a game on a computer?

Board games generated half a billion dollars in sales last year and they are continuing to take in revenue. Manufacturers of board games are taking notice of what games children like and then turning them into board games, from Angry Birds board games to Words with Friends board games to the nostalgic games of yesteryear.


Today Show: Popular Board Games in America & HGTV Pillow Shopping Tips

The Today Show looked at the popularity of board games in America, how much money they make annually and HGTV gave some shopping tips for kitchen items.

The Today Show talked with one toy expert who said the board game industry is doing so well because it is rooted in nostalgia. Everyone wants to teach their children the board games they played as a child and what better way to bring the family together.

Even the Today Show hosts got in on some board game action with a giant Operation board game on the set.


Today Show: HGTV Shopping Smart Advice

HGTV magazine Editor in Chief Sara Peterson stopped by the Today Show to give the hosts great tips about finding some of the best deals on home products. From the vacuum cleaner to couch pillows, every item has a time of the year it is most likely going to be on sale.

Best Bedding Deals 

Peterson said bedding sales are in January. Lost of stores have one day sales. She suggested calling the store and asking when they have a bedding sale coming up.

Best Pillow Deals

Peterson said transforming your house can be as easy as getting some new pillows. Even if you can only find pillows without the comfiest inserts, Peterson said there are plenty of websites you can find with cheap and comfier pillow inserts.

Best Enamel Cookware Deals

Enamel cookware is best bought in April, May, November and December. These are what Peterson called the cooking months.

Best Kitchen Gadget Deals

Kitchen gadgets can be bought for great deals the same time as the enamel cookware above. She also suggested checking the manufacturer’s website because they often have great deals on refurbished kitchen items that were hardly used.

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive which is why you need to know when the best time to buy is. Peterson said to always check with big home stores that have in-house coupons and she said the best time to buy a vacuum is in April and May because the new models debut in June.


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