Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven Review & Career Dream


By Dylan McCartney

Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven Review

Nicholas Sparks, famous for his ability to craft romantic tales and elicit tears, joined The Today Show to talk about his new movie, in theaters today on Valentine’s Day, called Safe Haven. The film stars Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel and Cobie Smulders, and tells the story of the struggle between transient safety and riskier rewards, and how “love is the only safe haven.”


Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Movies

Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven Review & Career Dream

The Today Show chatted with romance author Nicholas Sparks about his latest movie, Safe Haven, based on one of his bestselling novels, and his career dream. (Joe Seer /

Sparks admitted that, due to the success of his novel’s film adaptations, he now writes books with the presumption that they will be adapted to film. “When I conceive a story, it has to be original for both novel and film,” he said.

He also notes how lucky he’s been with the success of his film adaptations. “I’ve been incredibly pleased with the way Hollywood has treated me and the books that I’ve written.”


Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Career Dream

Sparks opened up about his path to success. In 1997, he was working selling pharmaceutical drugs. “Legally, of course,” he joked.

He said that after his days at work, when his wife went to sleep early, he had two options: “Watch TV or chase my dream. I chose to chase my dream.” He wrote two unpublished novels before achieving fame with his novel The Notebook, loosely based on the story of his wife’s grandparents. Since then, his name has become synonymous with romantic fiction.

Today Show: Nicholas Sparks Valentine’s Day

Natalie Morales was eager to know what the king of romance novels was planning for Valentine’s Day. He said he remembered a wine his wife had mentioned enjoying while the two were out. He wrote down the name, contacted the company, and had a bottle of the wine shipped to his wife for the holiday.

Spark’s new movie Safe Haven is in local theaters today, February 14 2013.


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