Today Show: Midas Barware Review, Spring Centerpiece & Easter Crafts


By Brittany Spear

Today Show: Decorating The Easter Brunch Table

With Easter only two days away, Colin Cowie showed Al Roker, Carson Daly, and the audience how to put together a beautiful Easter brunch table, complete with do-it-yourself centerpieces, napkin rings made with buttons, menu frames, and egg candle holders.


Today Show: Easter Table Setting & Midas Barware Review

Colin Cowie started up the table setting with inexpensive but classy china from Midas Barware for $51.80. The china helped add an accent of color and fun to the display.

Today Show: Midas Barware Review, Spring Centerpiece & Easter Crafts

The Today team got Easter dinner decorating advice, including a spring centerpiece, place settings, and a Midas Barware review from party pro Colin Cowie.

Glassware and china was purchased from at reasonable rates. Each plate was accompanied by a vibrant yellow napkin, complete with a do-it-yourself button napkin ring.


Today Show: Spring Centerpiece

To make a colorful spring centerpiece for your Easter brunch, daffodils are the flower of choice. For this easy centerpiece, get together daffodils, water picks, and wheatgrass. After placing the wheatgrass in a rectangular bin, pick up a daffodil and a water pick.

Place the water pick on the bottom of the daffodil, and then insert the daffodil anywhere in the wheatgrass that you desire. Continue this process for the pleasant effect of a field of daffodils right on your table.

Today Show: Easy, Colorful Napkin Rings

This easy but creative napkin ring involves a large yellow button and a yard of yellow ribbon for each napkin. To start, thread the ribbon through three of the button holes, leaving enough space between the button and the loops the ribbon makes to fit the napkin through.

Roll up the napkin, insert the napkin in the loops, tighten the loops, and then you have a wonderfully creative napkin ring! One last loop through the last button hole secures your creation. This easy project is a great way to involve the kids in setting up the table.

Today Show: Custom Easter Menu Place Settings

If your Easter brunch menu is specialized per person, or even if you just want to add another taste of class to your table, consider this.

Purchase inexpensive, bronze framed picture frames, about 4”x6”, as well as a can of white spray paint. Cover half of each picture frame and spray the other half with the white spray paint. This menu will come out looking classy and spring themed!

Today Show: Easter Egg Candle Holders

To add even more fun to the table, try this easy, Easter-themed craft. To start, take a raw egg and chip a small hole into it. Let the egg yolk run out. Then use scissors to chip away the egg shell until about halfway down, Use a knife to even out the edges, if you desire.

After making sure the tea candle is to size, place the tea candle inside of the egg, and then place the egg in a tall standing candle holder. Eggs now light up and decorate your table!

If you want to add even more color to your table, or your kids really want to dye eggs, apply the dyeing process to the eggs before the chipping process. What is your favorite idea from the ones discussed by Al Roker, Carson Daly, and Colin Cowie?


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