Today Show: Man Bags Include Camo Totes & a Heritage Sleeve Bag Review


Today Show: Man Bag Review

How small can a man’s bag be before it seems too small for him? From book bags to the hand bag, what is appropriate for a male to carry around when they go places? To help answer those questions the Today Show brought on’s Tyler Lorison and Today Show co-host David Gregory who loves carrying around his very small, makeup bag-like man purse.

Lorison’s first piece of advice for the size of the bag is to make sure it does not look like a makeup bag a woman would carry. If the bag you use is this small, Lorison said you might want to upgrade to something a bit bigger. He also advised everyone to think about where you are going that day. If you are heading into a business meeting, leave your little bag at home and use a briefcase. If you are heading out with the kids, think about bringing a backpack.


Today Show: Man Bags Include Camo Totes & a Heritage Sleeve Bag Review

The Today Show looked at different man bags, went over which man bag is too small and which isn’t and Al Roker explained why he likes a backpack.

Today Show: David Gregory’s Man Bag

The Today Show made fun of David Gregory a bit as they went through his very tiny makeup bag look-alike where he said he keeps his aspirin bottle for migraines, his coin purse which is actually a wallet in his man bag, his keys, some money and his iPod. Although Gregory said he doesn’t carry his “man purse” everywhere, the Today Show had quite a few pictures of him with the man purse or what he referred to as a “masculine clutch.”

They also looked inside Al Roker’s book bag where he likes to keep a camera at all times and he always brings some snacks with him just in case he is out with kids and they get hungry.


Willie Geist even jumped in on the conversation and said he doesn’t even have a wallet. He just puts everything in his back pocket and hopes it stays there.

“You lose things from time to time but that’s the cost of business,” Geist said.

Today Show: Heritage Sleeve Bag Review

To try and help Gregory get away from his masculine clutch, Lorison tried to offer some suggestions for better bags he could use. They looked at a Ticon Bag and Heritage Sleeve Bag, both of which were much bigger than the small clutch he carries around with him.

Lorison even suggested getting a tote bag in camo to make it that much more manly.

Everyone was so into getting Gregory to move onto a new bag they even brought on Martha Stewart to get her opinion on when a bag is too small for a man. She pointed out Gregory needed a larger bag because he is such a tall guy and he dwarfs the bag making himself look even smaller. She suggested he get a briefcase and she said never wear a backpack over a suit because it will ruin the suit.


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