Today Show: GoPro Revolution Review & Camera Creator Nick Woodman


Today Show: GoPro Revolution Review

For those that find videos of themselves skydiving, doing back-flip-barrel-rolls on skis, and surfing on tsunamis lacking due to their friends’ unwillingness to actually get close enough to the action to get a decent perspective, the GoPro Revolution is the answer to their prayers–brought to you by the lord Nick Woodman.

“This is for the world to capture and share their life experience,” says Woodman of the GoPro Revolution–and share they have. The small device has quickly made the 37-year-old a billionaire, and has been dubbed the “mad billionaire” by Forbes.


Today Show: GoPro Revolution Review & Camera Creator Nick Woodman

The GoPro Revolution takes all of this and puts it in your pocket.

The success of the GoPro can be attributed to just how easy the device has made it for people to self-document. As is the case for many successful inventions, the idea was hatched in a very impromptu fashion.

Today Show: Origins of GoPro Revolution Camera

While on a surfing trip that spanned Indonesia and Australia (because that’s just something you do) 10 years ago, Nick came up with the idea for a wrist harness that he could put a camera into and wear while he was surfing.


Locking himself away for two years, Nick spent that time fully developing the idea for the GoPro Revolution  By 2004, he had sold his first camera. Despite not thinking of this as a long-term business in the beginning, Nick decided that they had too much momentum to not take his project further.

Today Show: GoPro Revolution Popularity

Priced affordably and easy to use, the GoPro became popular with everyone from adrenaline junkies to parents capturing their kid riding a bike for the first time from a handlebar perspective. The abundance of social media has helped the popularity of the device immensely, allowing users to share their videos with ease.

Celebrity endorsement has also played a role. Kelly Slater’s surfing, Shaun White’s snowboarding, and James Cameron’s deep-sea dive have all been captured using the GoPro.

Felix Baumgartner even used one to film his monumental sky dive from the stratosphere. Nick’s wife, Jill, used the thing to film part of her delivery when she had their child.

If you want to start filming yourself, go check out a GoPro Revolution today.


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