Today Show: Frame It All Eco Sandbox Review & Benefits Of Composting


Today Show: Clint Carter Composting Tips

Clint Carter, senior associate editor of Men’s Health magazine, came by the Today Show to talk about going green in the modern era. First up was composting. A lot of people don’t want to compost because of all the going back and forth to the outside, or because it’s so stinky to collect it in the home before putting it outside. And those people aren’t necessarily wrong. I dated a girl once who had a compost box in her kitchen. You could smell it from the living room. It was seriously gross. Luckily, there’s a new product out there now to fix this problem. Clint Carter said that people could use a Good Ideas Inc Home Composter, which is made from bamboo with a charcoal filter to take care of the smell.

Today Show: Frame It All Eco Sandbox Review & Benefits Of Composting

I mean, stuff like this was in her kitchen! That’s where we ate! Totally gross…but good for the environment. Your nose will curse you, but your soul will thank you.


Clint Carter: Buy Reusable Water Bottles

Clint Carter said that Americans throw away 38 billion empty water bottles a year. He said the best way to make sure you don’t throw away any is to buy a reusable water bottle.

Panda Sunglasses Made Of Bamboo

Clint Carter also recommended the Panda sunglasses. Panda is a company which donates a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need for every pair of sunglasses bought from them. The sunglasses are made of bamboo and they float.

iBamboo Bamboo Speaker Review

Clint Carter also recommended an iBamboo Bamboo Speaker. It’s just a piece of hollow bamboo you put your smartphone in. It uses the same amplification system as an acoustic guitar, which means it doesn’t use electricity and is 100 percent green.


Frame It All Eco Sandbox With Safe Sand

Clint Carter also showed off the green sandbox. There were three children in the sandbox playing with toys. The toys were made from recycled plastic and so was the Frame It All Eco Sandbox and the sand was certified free of asbestos, called Safe Sand.

“Of course, kids themselves are a renewable resource,” Clint Carter said.

Switch To Riding Your Bike Three Times a Week

Clint Carter said that switching to a bike three days a week is one of the best things you can do for the environment. He showed off a Schwinn Median bike which had lights that run on solar power.


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