Today Show: Energy Efficient Light Bulbs | Watts to Lumens Conversion


Today Show Light Bulbs

Did you know that on January 1, 2012 it became against the law to sell traditional light bulbs (standard incandescent bulbs that is)?  However, apparently there is no money to enforce that law so they are still available.  But after the current supply that is in stores sells out, there will be no more incandescent light bulbs manufactured.  So should you go out and stock-up on light bulbs?  No!  You should be using energy efficient light bulbs regardless of the new law because it uses less energy and is therefore better for the environment and saves you money!  Here are the details on the different types of light bulbs (LED Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs), plus how to convert from Watts to Lumens (the new “energy efficient light bulb” measurement of brightness).

Today Show: Compact Florescent Light Bulbs

The Today Show said that if you replace the six most used light bulbs in your house with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, you will save $60 per year.


Today Show Light Bulbs

Today Show Light Bulbs

That definitely saves you much more money than the cost of the actual bulbs.

Today Show: Halogen Light Bulbs

Want a light bulb that looks similar to your standard incandescent light bulb and that is dimmable?  Then checkout Halogen Light Bulbs, which use 40% less electricity and can be operated by dimming switches.


Today Show: LED Light Bulbs Last 20 Years

The Today Show also spoke about LED Light Bulbs, which last 20 years (but cost around $27)!  So if you buy the bulb when you have a baby, it will still be working when the child goes off to college.  Definitely intriguing!  Now the only problem I can see is if you tend to move a lot, the light bulb could break… and a broken $27 light bulb could definitely break your heart!

How to Convert Watts to Lumens

The new Energy Efficient Light Bulbs are measured in Lumens rather than in Watts.  So how do you know which bulb to get?  Here is a conversion map that was shown on the Today Show:

40 Watts = 450 Lumens

60 Watts = 800 Lumens

100 Watts = 1600 Lumens

Where To Recycle Light Bulbs

You should definitely recycle light bulbs, which can often be done at the big home improvement stores.  Some states even require that light bulbs be recycled.  And if you have heard that Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs contain mercury, you are correct.  But it is a tiny amount of mercury (about the same amount as the end of a ballpoint pen tip)!  So it is not a real hazard as long as you don’t lick a light bulb that breaks… common sense folks!


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