Today Show: Dog Name Ideas, YikeBike & The ZBoard Electric Skateboard


Today Show: Dog Naming Ideas

After changing the name of her own dog to Blake because of her undying love for Blake Shelton, Hoda Kotb wanted to meet some other dog owners and find out why they named their dog a certain name. She met a lot of owners who had dogs named Jasper, Cooper and even Finneas. One woman said she named her dog after Billie Holiday, another said she named her dog Oregano after the Italian herb and another woman named her dog Art after the Artful Dodger.

One of the more popular dog names Hoda ran into was Max, which seemed to surprise her since the name is a common name for a boy. But none of the names she encountered even came close to being as wacky as Otto Itchy Bob and Chew Baka, two names she found while searching out the wackiest dog names on the internet.


Today Show: Dog Name Ideas, YikeBike & The ZBoard Electric Skateboard

The Today Show talked with numerous dog owners about the name of their dogs and then they played with some toys like the Z Board and the YikeBike.

Dog trainer Andrew Arden told Hoda it is best to keep the dog names short because no one likes when a dog owner insists you call their pet by their full name, especially when the pet has six different names.

Hoda even brought her dog Blake on the Today Show to show the co-hosts who all have dogs of their own. Al’s dog is named Pepper, Natalie Morales’ dog is named Zara and Matt Lauer’s dog is named Jules.


Today Show: Cool Toys For People Of All Ages

The Today Show has been trying out new gadgets this week and today they looked at some of the coolest toys on the market. They brought on tech genius Katie Linendoll.

ZBoard Electric Skateboard Review

The ZBoard is an electric skateboard that is weight sensitive. It has two buttons for going forwards and backwards and the speed of the board is determined by how much weight you put on the buttons. Linendoll said the boards cost around $650 but they are worth the price. The board can travel up to 15 mph and can cruise up to five miles on a full charge, which takes an equal amount of time to charge.

The Today Show co-hosts gave the skateboard a try but none of them could figure out how to turn it. They figured it would be best suited for someone who already knows how to balance on a skateboard.

YikeBike Compact Electrical Bike Review

The YikeBike looks pretty difficult to use. The foldable electrical bike is one of the lightest electrical bikes in the world but it sure doesn’t look like a bike. The rider takes a seat in front of the handle bars, which are positioned over the rear wheel which steers the bike. The power comes from a small motor which turns the front wheel essentially pulling the rider along.

Linendoll said the bike can travel for a distance of nine miles on a full charge, which surprisingly only takes about an hour to charge. Al Roker tried out the $1,995 YikeBike but couldn’t really get the hang of it.

HEXBUG Toy Robot Review

HEXBUG is a toy robot that can crawl around anywhere. The robots kind of look like space age spiders that walk around on a set of legs. Linenedoll said they are great toys for any kid and their newest HEXBUG, an XL HEXBUG, weighs in at just over a pound and is perfect for scaring any little brother or sister who is getting too annoying.


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