Today Show: Cool Kid Stuff: MamaRoo, Swoop Bags & Face Plates


Today Show Kid’s Product Reviews

The Today Show on August 2, 2011 had a list of Cool Kid’s Stuff for everyone with kids and babies.  Their list included the 4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Swoop Bags, Fashion Playtes, Locker Lookz, Moxie Girlz Magic Makeover Hair Dolls, Food Face Plate, Yummy Dough, Fred and Friends Lickety Spoon, Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science Kit, and a darling Etsy Playhouse that goes over any table to transform it into a playhouse for your child. Here are some highlights of each of these Cool Kid’s Products:

Mamaroo Review


The Mamaroo Infant Seat by 4Moms is the latest baby seat to keep your baby happy and calm without having to hold her all the time.  As The Today Show said, it is reminiscent of something from The Jetsons!  It has a variety of different motions that are meant to soothe your baby.  Plus, I love how it looks more modern and sleek than a lot of infant seats.  It will look much better in your living room than the brightly colored cartoon themed baby seats!

Swoop Bag Review

After seeing the Swoop Bag on The Today Show, all I could think is why did I not think of that??? Such a brilliant idea!  It is a large bag that can hold all of your child’s toys that have tons of tiny pieces (like Legos for example).  When your kid wants to play with their Legos, they just open the Swoop Bag, which becomes a flat surface that holds all of the little pieces.  And when it comes time for cleanup, they just pull the drawstrings and it is an instance cleanup!  Genius!

Fashion Playtes Review

Do you have a little diva?  The Today Show said that Fashion Playtes lets your child play fashion designer and create her own outfits complete with a wide selection of different trims.  And then Fashion Playtes sends your little girl her custom made outfit (plus a matching one for her favorite doll!).


Locker Lookz Review

Getting ready for “Back To School” has changed a lot since I was a kid!  Now your child can customize their locker with fun accessories called Locker Lookz.  The Today Show featured the Locker Lookz wallpaper, flowers, rugs and even a magnetic chandeliers that go inside of lockers.  Locker Lookz Chandeliers light up when the locker door opens and automatically turn off when the door is closed, how fun is that?

Magic Makeover Hair Dolls Review

For the girly girl that loves playing with hair, the Moxie Girlz Magic Makeover Hair Dolls is a great gift (even though a darling little girl hit her head on the table while this aired on The Today Show!).  It is essentially a doll’s head with long hair that lets your child learn to braid hair and test out different hairstyles.  They can even add glitter and different colored streaks to their Magic Makeover Hair Dolls, and the products are even safe for them to use on themselves.

Food Face Plates Review

If you have a picky eater, the Food Face Plate is a great way to get your child to try out new foods.  The Face Plate shown on The Today Show has a darling face printed on the plate, and then you use food to “decorate” the face.  Fruits and vegetables are so much more fun to eat when your child thinks it is the beard on a man or the hair on a lady’s head!

Yummy Dough Review

Children love putting their toys in their mouth, so it is not a surprise that young children try to eat Play Dough.  But with Yummy Dough, The Today Show said that you do not have to worry about that.  Yummy Dough is safe to eat both raw or cooked.  That is right, you can let your child make a creation with Yummy Dough and then bake it!

Lickety Spoon Review

Another fabulous Kid’s Product for finicky eaters shown on The Today Show is the Fred and Friends Lickety Spoon.  Hoda on the Today Show demonstrated how to use it.  When you put the Lickety Spoon into your mouth, the handle looks like a super long tongue is sticking out.  That should definitely add an element of fun to your child’s mealtime!

Disgusting Science Kit Review

What a great way to encourage your kid’s to love science from a young age!  The Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science Kit lets your child learn about science in ways that will completely gross you out.  For example, The Today Show said that your child can grow bacteria from between their toes – yuck!  But if it inspires a love for science in your kid, it could be worth the gross factor!

Etsy Playhouse Review

If you are looking for a playhouse for your child to enjoy, but you do not have the room for a permanent playhouse to be setup in your home, this is the perfect answer!  The Today Show said that you can order an Etsy Playhouse that goes over any table and converts it into a child’s playhouse.  And when your kid is finished playing with it, you just fold it up and put it in a closet.  Perfect solution for those of us who are running out of space in our homes!


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