Today Show: Consumer Reports Best Products of the Year 2012


Consumer Reports Best Products of 2012 on Today Show

The Today Show did a segment that covered the Consumer Reports Best Products of the Year.  If you are in the market for a new television, camera, tablet, coffee maker or even olive oil or wine, then this is a must-read list!  Do you have any of these products?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Share your reviews of the Consumer Reports Best Products of 2012 in the comment section below!

Today Show: Consumer Reports Best Products of the Year 2012

Today Show: Consumer Reports Best Products of the Year 2012


LG: Consumer Reports Best Washer & Dryer

Consumer Reports named the LG Steam Washer and the LG Steam Dryer as the best washer and dryer of 2012.  The True Steam feature in both the washing machine and dryer is a great way to get deep stains out and to remove wrinkles, though many top machines have these features now.  The LG washer and dryer is very quiet and can hold a large capacity.  Though frankly, I am shocked to see LG at the top of the list (especially after reading reviews of the machines online).  I have always been a whirpool and maytag lady myself, what about you?

Kenmore Intuition Upright: Consumer Reports Best Vacuum

Consumer Reports named the Kenmore Intuition Upright Vacuum as the best vacuum cleaner of 2012.  She told the Today Show that the Kenmore was selected because it does not need a bag, is easy to empty and is great on both hardwood floors and carpet.  Again, I am surprised that it beat the Dyson, which I will always hold close to my heart!  What is your favorite vacuum cleaner?

Samsung Consumer Reports TV of the Year

Consumer Reports picked a 55″ Samsung television as their tv of the year.  For $2500 you can have a tv that you can control with hand motions (talk about a great way to impress your friends and to beat the Jones’)!  And of course the 55″ Samsung comes complete with 3D glasses.  Once a TV comes out that can read my mind and figure out what I want without me doing anything, then I will be all over it!


Consumer Reports Tablet Reviews

Consumer Reports spoke about three tablets on the Today Show: the iPad 3 (of course!), the Google Nexus 7 and the Nook Simple Touch E-Reader from Barnes & Noble.  They said the iPad 3 has the best display of any tablet.  The Google Nexus 7 is less expensive than the iPad, has a durable screen and is a good lightweight option.  And if you are looking for the least expensive tablet for reading books, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Simple Touch E-Reader is the way to go.

Nikon D3200: Consumer Reports SLR Camera Review

If you are looking for a SLR camera, Consumer Reports choose the Nikon D3200 SLR Camera because it takes great photos and videos, plus it is lightweight (for a SLR camera in any case).  And if you are looking for a point-and-shoot camera for your next vacation, checkout the Nikon with a built-in GPS that is also waterproof and shockproof… hey, you may even feel comfortable enough to let your little one use it since it sounds so robust!

Consumer Reports Best GPS

Consumer Reports told the Today Show that their GPS pick for the year is the Garmin Nuvi, which I also love!  It is the best GPS, comes with a lifetime of map updates, live traffic reports, and it is only $160… not bad!

HP Pavillion vs Macbook Pro

So you love the Macbook Pro 15″ (so does Consumer Reports!) but you don’t want the big price tag?  Well, they have found an alternative – the HP Pavilion.  Consumer Reports said that the HP Pavilion is a great option for $700.  It is lightweight and very sleek looking (just like the Macbook Pro!).

Roku 2 Review: Internet For Your TV

Want to steam videos from Hulu to your tv?  Consumer Reports recommends the Roku 2 device.  You just plug it into your TV and voila – you have instant internet access on your television!

Trader Joes Olive Oil: Consumer Reports

For only $6, you can get one of the two bottles of olive oil that Consumer Reports rated as “excellent for taste.”  So head over to your Trader Joes and pick up a $6 bottle of Trader Joes Extra Virgin California Estate Olive Oil.

Consumer Reports Wine 2012

If you are more of a wine person than an olive oil person, here are two of the top picks from Consumer Reports that are also reasonably priced!  The Bogel Chardonnay and the Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon are the way to go!

Krups Coffee Maker & Grinder: Consumer Reports

Nope the Keurig Coffee Maker was not Consumer Reports coffee maker pick this year.  They suggest the Krups Coffee Maker and Grinder all-in-one machine.  Yes, it grinds fresh coffee and brews up a cup all in one machine.  And you can pick how strong or light you like your brew, so it works for the whole family.


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