Today Show: Cleaning House Book Helps Parents Deal With Entitled Kids


Today Show: Kay Wyma Fights Against Entitled Children

There are quite a few parents out there whose children have a very “me first” attitude. Entitled children are nothing new, but one mother got so fed up with it that she set out on a 12-month journey to teach her kids responsibility. Mother Kay Wyma got home from work one day to a house full of clutter and just asked herself, “what in the world am I doing?” Kay called a family meeting and said they things were going to start changing around the house, and that the kids were going to become a lot more involved in the household.

Today Show: Kay Wyma's Cleaning House Helps Eliminate Entitled Children

Kay Wyma has the answer to entitled children in her book, Cleaning House.


Cleaning, cooking, and laundry were simply the start of the experience. Kay’s directive to eliminate entitled children from her household was a 12-point directive that included your laundry list of things to do around the house and some more interesting additions, like volunteer work. Kay decided that anything her children could do, they would do.

Today Show: Kay Wyma’s Plan To Fix Entitled Children

Kay thinks that entitled children are a product of over-doing on the parent’s part. Though they may bend over backwards for their children out of love because they don’t want to see them fail, Kay would rather see her kids fail while they are still under her roof. She says that she sometimes has to leave the room when her kids are doing something so that she doesn’t give into the urge to help her children out with something.

Today Show: Kay Wyma Cleaning House Review

Kay wrote a book about her experiences called Cleaning House, and now she shares the lessons she learned with overwhelmed and frustrated parents all over the nation. She wants to teach her kids that the world does not revolve around them, and she thinks that is a much more valuable gift than simply doing everything for children that will one day be totally incapable of doing things on their own.



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