Today Show: Carl Hiaasen “Bad Monkey” Review & Summer Reading List


Carl Hiaasen: ‘Bad Monkey” Review

Looking for a great summer beach read? Look no further! Writer Carl Hiaasen stopped by Today to discuss his latest book, Bad Monkey, with Savannah Guthrie. The best-selling author shared details on his newest literary adventure, plus the books on his own summer reading list.

Today Show: Carl Hiaasen "Bad Monkey" Review & Summer Reading List

Carl Hiaasen discussed his new book “Bad Monkey” and shared his summer beach reads on The Today Show.


Carl Hiaasen believes strongly that there should be more monkeys in literature. In the case of Bad Monkey, the monkey does some pretty terrible things that shouldn’t be discussed on TV.  The events of the novel are set into motion by the discovery of a human arm by tourists vacationing in Florida. The arm leads to the unraveling of a scam involving Medicare fraud, which all features a humorous, satirical point of view on serious issues.

Carl Hiaasen: Columnist for ‘The Miami Herald’

Many of Carl’s stories are inspired by the news, because he is a columnist for The Miami Herald. He also admits that Florida is a pretty interesting place to live when it comes to shocking news stories. “We have some very creative criminals down there,” he said. Carl recently wrote a column that poked fun at the IRS Scandal, comparing it to Star Trek.

Carl Hiaasen: Summer Reading List

In addition to Bad Monkey, Carl Hiaasen believes that should be reading the books on his summer reading list. Check out these great titles below:


Today Show: “As Seen on TV” Invention Auditions

Have you ever watched infomercials and wondered how entrepreneurs come up with their million dollar ideas? Kristen Dahlgren investigated the phenomenon of “As Seen on TV” products, taking us behind the scenes of an infomercial company’s invention auditions.

Each budding entrepreneur had five minutes to pitch their idea, most of which were being sold for $19.95. There were gadgets for the kitchen, back massagers, pet products, and more. Unfortunately, though, only one product caught the attention of the company, and a contract was offered to one inventor.

Today Show: The Rover Rake Review

Matt Lauer chatted with AJ Khubani, CEO and President of Telebrands, and Greg Moore, inventor of The Rover Rake. This product caught the attention of Telebrands because it was convenient, useful, and easy to market. “A great idea is something that people get right away,” AJ explained.

The Rover Rake is a pet grooming tool that also offers dogs a pleasant massage. The dog in the studio seemed to really be enjoying it! The Rover Rake makes Greg’s life easier, so he believes that it will make many pet owners’ lives easier, too.


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