Today Show: 2013 NY National Gift Fair & Animal Rugs by Jonathan Adler


Today Show: New York National Gift Fair

The New York National Gift Fair took place this weekend and over 40,000 people went to check out the latest trends for anything dealing with the home. Today Show correspondent Elizabeth Mayhew was there, and she said there was a lot going on at the fair. From animal rugs to wall flower pots, this year is a big year for interior design trends.

Today Show: Wall Flower Pots Review

The first trend the Today Show looked at was a wall flower pot. Tommy Mitchell hand painted flowers inside shadow boxes are a big hit this year, as well as circle flower vases that can be attached to the wall and filled with flowers or left as a stand alone talking piece.


Today Show: 2013 NY National Gift Fair & Animal Rugs by Jonathan Adler

The 2013 New York National Gift Fair took place this weekend and the Today Show looked at the hottest trends for the home, from animal rugs to wall flowers.

Today Show: Jonathan Adler Animal Rugs

Animal rugs are also making a comeback this year, and some of the best are from Jonathan Adler. From more playful and colorful animal rugs for kids to the more adult and contemporary zebra skin rug, Mayhew said these are the hottest items in home trends. She also pointed out none of the rugs on the show were real animal fur.

Today Show: American Home Indoor/Outdoor Seats

American Home seats are big this year according to Mayhew. The colorful seats are great for the indoors and outdoors, and Mayhew said they would look great at the dining room table. When you are done using them, they look great stacked in the corner or under a side table.


Today Show: Neon Home Trends

Neon was big in fashion last year, and this year it is big in the home. Just hints of neon on the edges of couch cushions are the way to go.

Today Show: Organization With Paper Storage Company

Bold fonts and big letters are trending this year, and the best products Mayhew could find came from the Paper Storage Company. They have neat organizational boxes that are bright, colorful and great for helping you get organized.

Today Show: Thin Turkish Towels

As for the bathroom, Mayhew said thin Turkish towels are big right now because they are classy looking, they are absorbent and they are made from the best cotton in the world.

Mayhew also pointed out all the products listed above are not for sale right now. People should be looking out for all these great products to start hitting stores this April.


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