Today: Schticky & Shark Vacuum Review & Insane Rope Jump Breakup Video


Today Show: Infomercial Products Review

Shop Smart magazine decided to test out some of the biggest products offered on infomercials to see if they actually work. The results are pretty surprising. Most of these products work and are worth buying.

Today Show: Shark Rotator Lift Away

The Shark vacuum is usually compared to a $600 Dyson vacuum. Shop Smart said this is much better than most vacuums, including the Dyson, and will stand wear and tear. It rings in at $250.


Today: Schticky & Shark Vacuum Review & Insane Rope Jump Breakup Video

Today and Shop Smart magazine tested out some infomercial products to see if they are worth the shipping and handling.

Today Show: Deluxe High Reach Cleaning Kit

The Deluxe High Reach Cleaning Kit is one product you might want to avoid. Shop Smart found that the product kind of worked, but the mop head often breaks off. They purchased several of the mops that are made for cleaning high ceilings and fans.

The company responded that user error caused the problem and reading the directions would help.


Today Show: Fuzzy Wuzzy

The Fuzzy Wuzzy is worth the price. It’s a microfiber mit that has a soft side and a fuzzy side for different types of messes and surfaces.

Today Show: Grout Products

Many products boast that they can rid mildew from your grout. Don’t trust the Grout BullyShop Smart called this grout white-out. It just paints over the mildew and the problems resurface in a few weeks.

You can trust the Groutinator. It’s an eraser for mildew, but requires a lot of elbow grease.

Today Show: Schticky

I’m shocked that this one works. The Schticky is like a lint roller, but you can rinse it off and use it again. They said it’s great for pet hair on couches and clothing.

Today Show: Insane Rope Swing Breakup

Some of the top sports stories of the month were a little crazy and unbelievable. Video proof is needed for these out of this world feats.

A cheerleader’s half court shot went viral. She had been trying to land the gymnastics trick and basketball throw for months before getting it perfect on the last game of the season.

My favorite video was a boyfriend shoving his girlfriend off a cliff on a rope swing. She screamed and swung over the valley before shouting, “I’m breaking up with you!” Serves him right.


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