Today: Mother-Daughter Outfits & L.L. Bean Monogrammed Tote Bag Review


By Kelsey Grau

Today’s Style: Cute Mommy & Me Outfit Ideas

On Today’s Style, Natalie Morales discussed Mother’s Day fashion and coordinating outfits with your little ones. She was joined by style expert Jenn Falik, who shared four easy and fairly inexpensive looks.


Today Show: Mommy & Me Outfits

Today: Mother-Daughter Outfits & L.L. Bean Monogrammed Tote Bag Review

On Today, Jenn Falik demonstrated stylish mother-daughter outfits and accessories, including the L.L. Bean Monogrammed Tote Bag and other hip styles.

The first idea was “Classic and Classy,” so Falik suggested clean lines, bright colors, and timeless staple pieces. With the mother in a simple lace dress, navy blazer and coral wedge heels, her son’s outfit complimented her color choices with coral pants, a dark suit coat, and a child-size patterned bowtie. Falik reminded women with smaller frames to stick to petites, as they will flatter the silhouette and shorter stature.

Today Show: L.L. Bean Monogrammed Tote Bag Review

Next up was “Hippies at Heart.” The mother-daughter duo wore matching outfits, but styled them differently to create two unique looks. A long, rose-colored tunic paired with dark skinny jeans not only added style to the outfit, but a down-to-earth feel as well. They carried matching L.L. Bean monogrammed tote bags and used a strain of fake flowers as an accessory with the mother wearing it as a necklace and the daughter styling it into her hair.


Today Show: Mother-Daughter Outfits & Mother-Son Outfits

The third look, “Sporty Style,” embraced the idea of polos, casual slacks, and classic shoes with a twist. The mother and son looked very polished in crisp collared shirts, neutral tone pants, and new Crocs boat shoes. Falik finished these sporty outfits with matching backpacks and a patterned silk neck scarf for the mother.

Today Show: Edgy Leggings

“Casual Cool” was Falik’s final look and had both mother and daughter in wedge sneakers, leather jackets, edgy jeggings, and bold jewelry. Falik noted the importance of creating a look that was age appropriate, calling attention to the glitter and color combination of the daughter’s shoes. These elements made the wedge sneakers fun and flashy, but still suitable for younger girls.


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