Today: Just a Slice Cake Pan Review & Chris Brown & Rihanna Broken Up?


Today Show: Chris Brown and Rihanna Break Up

Alicia Quarles, an E! News correspondent, came by Today May 7 2013 to talk about the latest gossip. Chris Brown and Rihanna are done again. Chris Brown just celebrated his 24th birthday. He told an Australian radio station that he was too young to be in a relationship and that he couldn’t

Today: Just a Slice Cake Pan Review & Chris Brown & Rihanna Broken Up?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are apparently done, according to an interview Brown gave to an Australian radio show. (image credit: DFree /


give her what she needs.

Gunshots Fired Near Jennifer Lopez Music Video Shoot

Jennifer Lopez was shooting her new music video with Pitbull in Florida when gunshots were fired nearby. They don’t know where the shots were coming from, but Jennifer Lopez is apparently okay. Alicia Quarles said she saw her last night and she’s doing fine.

New Mariah Carey Album

Mariah Carey’s daughter is singing on her new album. Vanessa Williams said she had her daughters sing on her albums as well. Alicia Quarles said that Vanessa Williams must’ve set the trend, because Jay-Z also had his daughter Blue Ivy sing on his album. Although I think it was actually Will Smith who started the trend in the 90s with “Just the Two Of Us,” a song he did with his son.


Wacky Self-Spinning Spaghetti Fork

Lifestyle expert Brit Morin came by to show nine wacky but useful products on Today May 7 2013. And I’ll admit, this first invention would probably be useful for kids. When I was a child, I didn’t understand how to get spaghetti on my fork. One of my earliest memories is my dad trying to show me how to twirl the fork to get the spaghetti to stay on. But if we’d had this self-spinning spaghetti fork, I probably wouldn’t have had that difficulty. The Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork does all the twirling for you. Willie Geist was really unsure of the usefulness of this device.

Musical Wine Glasses Review

Because there’s an entire industry built up around ways to entertain drunk people, someone invented the Musical Wine Glass. Are you the person who paces yourself with small amounts of wine in your glass? Or are you the person who doesn’t waste time and puts enormous amounts in there? Well, it turns out that both people can have a lot of fun together with the Musical Wine Glass. Depending on the amount of liquid in it, it will play different notes when you run your finger around the rim. A whole room full of wine drinkers can become an orchestra of sound with these inventions. Plus, the wine glass even tells you if you’re playing a B flat or a G sharp.

Just a Slice Cake Pan Review

Have you ever wanted to bake just one slice of cake, but you didn’t know how? Or are you tired of slicing cake because you just want to start eating now? Well, luckily for you, there’s the Just a Slice Cake Pan which allows you to bake a cake in slices, rather than whole. It has partitions separating the different pieces, so you can bake one slice or half a cake if you wanted to.

Belt Buckle That Carries Beer & Electronic Guitar Shirt

In other entertaining drunk people news, there is now a belt buckle that will carry your beer for you. Why would you want your belt to do that? Why, so you can play the electric guitar built into your shirt, of course! That’s what the guy on Today did. He was wearing the Beer Buckle and the Electronic Guitar Shirt and he put down his beer onto his belt buckle in order to run his fingers along the white guitar image on his shirt. To everyone’s surprise, electric guitar noises came out.

Still, if you’re the guy at the party with a guitar t-shirt and a beer belt buckle…I’m not sure you want to be that guy. But I guess the beer buckle is useful for those awkward situations when you’re at a party and you have to hold a plate of food, your beer and introduce yourself to people at the same time. It would probably be better to have a hand free to shake hands with people. Or bump fists, I guess, since if you’re wearing the combo, you’re probably in a frat of some kind.


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